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who da bitch? steve brown da bitch of WBAI

February 20, 2016



Steve Brown is Da Bitch of WBAI.  The worm in Browns brain has eaten some grey matter.  Brown has spoken of his fiduciary responsibility; but he has refused to exercise his fiduciary duty.


Yes, Brown did have a responsibility.  Brown’s responsibility was to report this alleged duplication of to all members of the WBAI Local Station Board.  It was at this meeting that Brown could have proposed that all illegal duplication of copyright desist.  Brown controlled the WBAI Local Station Board and the illegal copying of DVDs would have desisted if Brown’s supporters had demanded so.


But for some reason Brown did not wish to have the illegal duplication of DVDs halted.  So Steve Brown is delusional if he believes that the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not charge him with permitting the illegal duplication of copyrighted DVDs.  That is my opinion based on Steve Brown’s narration that he, Carolyn Birden and Janet Coleman observed Berthold Reimers illegally copying DVDs.


Why doesn’t Terry Goodman, the autistic wonder, use his legal knowledge, which is the equivalent to that of Justice Roberts, to dissect the actions of Steve Brown?


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