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March 6, 2016
is this more flatulence?
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Ed Manfredonia <> Sun, Mar 6, 2016 at 10:21 AM

Cc: Gary Evans <>, Bernard White <>, Steve Cohen <>, TracyRosenberg <>, CereneRoberts <>, Abby Charles <>, Marcus Jetter <>, Frank LeFever <>, Heather Gray <>, M Hernandez <>, “” <>, Oscar Fernandez <>, Luzette K <>, Keanna Faircloth <>, “Benito A. Diaz” <>, Richard Uzzell <>, William Martin <>, Lona Alias <>, Peter Tucker <>, Bruce Wolf <>, “” <>, jim Dingeman <>, Dgiuseffi <>, John Brinkley <>, Bob Young <>, WBAI LSB Finance Committee <>, Bob Lederer <>, william heerwagen <>, Stephen Howard <>, Ed Manfredonia <>, “” <>, Kenneth Laufer <>, Russell Dale <>, Veronica Faisant <>, Janee Taylor <>, Teresa Allen <>, Kim Kaufman <>, Bill Crosier <>, Summer Reese <>, cfo <>, Pacifica Executive Director <>, Stephen M Brown <>, Margy Wilkinson <>, John Gladney Proffitt <>, Don DeBar <>, MELISSA ENNEN <>, James Sagurton <>, Joseph Harney <>, “” <>, Reggie Johnson <>, Steve Brown <>, Melissa Ernst <>, Anita Hawkins <>, Otis Maclay <>, Janet Coleman <>, john garry <>, Omar Burdet <>, Sequoia Mercier <>, Reza Pour <>, Bella De Soto <>, yudamaan <>, Israel Feuer <>, Dave Johnson <>, Marla Bernstein <>, Christine Peres-Pena <>, Augustin Cebada <>, Thomas Halle <>, Moe Mansouri <>, Fernando Roldan <>, Dan Nowman <>, Lance Charles <>, Dr Thomas Halle <>, Mike Madani <>, Cuco <>, Jan Goodman <>, Rob Macon <>, Jon Almeleh <>, “Scooter, , MELISSA ENNEN <>, Kevin Keating <>, James Sagurton <>, Carl Makower <>, Joseph Harney <>, <>, Jack Depalma <>, Jack Shalom <>,” <>, Lydia Brazon <>, Quincy McCoy <>, Efren Llarinas <>

Dear Neal:


The terms outlined in your letter are magnanimous and follow the letter of the law.  Unfortunately, in his lawsuit Gary Null has only stated allegations and has not provided evidence.  Ergo, the lawsuit will be dismissed on summary judgment- probably without prejudice.


There is another problem with Null’s lawsuit.  Many of these illegally pirated DVDs were done at WBAI.  Yet, Steve Brown (Stephen M Brown), who is Null’s assistant in this lawsuit, has supported Berthold Reimers whenever I have shown that Berthold has engaged in accounting fraud or other violations of federal law- including employment law.  Far worse, is the openly displayed support by Steve Brown and Berthold Reimers to James Sagurton, who was arrested for Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th degree- a felony.  Upon conviction the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.  Brown showed his support for Sagurton even after I had posted Sagurton’s arrest and conviction.


James Sagurton holds a law degree from Rutgers University School of Law; hence, Sagurton is held to the same standards as an attorney- in federal district court.  Ergo, Sagurton knew that his actions were illegal- including in another instance being arrested for displaying and playing with his putz outside a movie theater in New Jersey.


Carolyn Birden, who wanted me banned from WBAI Local Station Board meetings for publishing the Court record of Sagurton’s conviction, demanded that I be sued for libel- an impossibility when reproducing not only an arrest record, but also a conviction albeit on a reduced charge.  Do you really believe that Carolyn Birden would be regarded as a reliable witness?


Steve Brown can print Summer Reese’s letter, which terminated Berthold Reimers’ employment, but Steve Brown knew at the time of the letter that Berthold had been illegally duplicating DVDs- according to Brown’s statement.  Brown did not make these accusations that Berthold had illegally duplicated DVDs public; nor did Summer Reese; nor did Brown’s devotees, Carolyn Birden and Janet Coleman.  Ergo, there appears to be approval of Berthold’s illegal duplication of copyrighted DVDs- as you have alleged.


Violations of the Lanham Act and the use of the United States Postal Service are requisites for a lawsuit, both civil and criminal, under the provisions of the RICO Act.  Yet by not informing all members of the WBAI Local Station Board and all members of the Pacifica National Board and by not notifying the individuals, whose copyrighted DVDs had been illegally duplicated,  Steve Brown, Carolyn Birden and Janet Coleman, could be indicted in a criminal lawsuit and could be sued in a civil lawsuit for not reporting these crimes.  These individuals were legally responsible to report these crimes.  At least that is my understanding of the RICO Act; but then again I am not an attorney and cannot be sued for expressing my opinion.


It appears that Gary Null, who has the force of the law behind him in regard to violations of the Lanham Act, cannot win this lawsuit without endangering the welfare of his good friend, Steve Brown.  Then we must look at the Federal Trade Commission’s action against Stephen M Brown.  Steve Brown was fined $150,000 by the Federal Trade Commission; therefore, Brown would not be regarded as a reliable source of violations of any action under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission.  You can always tell me if my legal reasoning is correct- and I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.


I am looking forward to the progression of this lawsuit- especially the facts concerning Mitchel Cohen’s participation in this conspiracy; fact that is not allegations, which is what you have made.  Good luck.  Ed Manfredonia


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