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April 6, 2016

CERTIFIED MAIL    7001 2510 0003 2637 3653



Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, New York 111373

16 April 2002


Mr. Paul Volcker

Arthur Andersen

33 West Monroe

Chicago, Illinois 60603-0033


Dear Mr. Volcker:


I have enclosed a copy of a missive, dated 13 April 2002, certified mail 7099 3400 0013 6929 0071, addressed to Mr. Andrew Pincus, Chief Legal Counsel, Arthur Andersen.  In this missive to Mr. Pincus, I have stated that you covered up the rapes of his female employees perpetrated by Robert VanCaneghan.  I also have stated that you covered up the forced sexual  acts which Richard Mondarine mandated as a condition of employment from his primarily African-American and Latino subordinates.  According to Louis Miceli and Robert VanCaneghan, who stated this to the New York Police Department in 1991, you instructed VanCaneghan and Miceli to state to the police that I had threatened your life.  This was done in an effort to cover up crime at the American Stock Exchange.  This led directly to the stock fraud, PNF, which you covered up.  Note:  Its predecessor stock fraud, Greyhound Electronics, netted Al Avasso in excess of $23 million which money was laundered in Luxembourg by Heinz Grein, my former associate, who also laundered money for Ferdinand Marcos.


I wish you to understand that according to the FBI, Robert VanCaneghan and Louis Miceli were involved in the laundering of drug money.


Further research has proved that you encouraged your acolyte, Richard Syron, an individual with an extensive history of mental illness to assume the Chairmanship of the American Stock Exchange.


I am requesting that you resign from the Chairmanship of Arthur Andersen.  The crimes at the American Stock Exchange and your willing participation in the cover up of these crimes, which you should have denounced immediately and particularly after the publication of the article, Scandal On Wall Street, appeared in the 26 April 1999 issue of Business Week.


I am informing you that I shall expose this scandal and the cover up of this criminal activity.


You must understand that with all crimes, including Watergate, the Catholic Church cover up of the crime of ephebophilia by some of its priests, etc. it is not the crime which gave rise to the scandal- it was the ensuing cover up.


You covered up the serial rapes perpetrated by Robert VanCaneghan and the forced sexual acts required by Richard Mondarine of his primarily Latino and African-American subordinates.  I guarantee you that these crimes shall be exposed.


Threatening me with a lawsuit is useless.  I have retained a civil rights attorney.  And he has worked with prominent civil rights attorneys.


One thing which you must remember, the American Public hates sex criminals and the scum which covers up their crimes.  Arthur Levitt believed that he could cover up these crimes, but he cannot.  I shall expose the rapes, the money laundering, the drug smuggling, the tax fraud, etc.


I suggest that you read my missive to Judge Richard Casey, dated 9 December 2001, certified mail 7099 3400 0005 1955 6685.  In this missive I list the major crimes which occurred at the American Stock Exchange.


Of special note I must add is that Joel Lovett, the Vice Chairman of the American Stock Exchange, was involved with the Russian Mafia during his tenure as Chairman.  This coincided with your membership on the Board of the American Stock Exchange.


For the good of Arthur Andersen, resign.


Thank you.





Edward Manfredonia


P S:  If you wish to sue me you can, but you shall lose.  And I can use some exposure in the international press.


I can readily assure you that these crimes shall be exposed.


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