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April 8, 2016

CERTIFIED MAIL Z 214 438 203

Edward Manfredonia
8337 St. James Avenue
Apt. 4B
Elmhurst, New York 11373

30 December 1999

Inspector O’Hare
Police Substation
104 Washington Street
New York, N Y 10006

Dear Inspector O’Hare:

In March 1996 at Michael’s Restaurant Edwin Crooks, a governor of the American Stock Exchange, offered consideration to have me murdered. I really do not care if everyone involved denies this event. It was related to me by Steven Peter, a participant in the offer.

In March 1996, Steven Peter sought to have Edwin Crooks influence the outcome of arbitration between his fiancee, Margot Reilly, and Nino Armenti, his fiancee’s former employer. (Margot Reilly is presently married to Steve Peter.) Steve Peter was and is an AMEX member employed by Susquehanna, had a business dinner with Edwin Crooks. Steven Peter stressed that his wife had been cheated out of a sum of money, approximately $22,000, by Nino Armenti. Steve Peter sought to have Edwin Crooks influence the outcome of the arbitration.

In 1985, I reported Edwin Crooks to Jules Winters for profiting from inside information on expiration day in the XMI, a stock index which was traded on the American Stock Exchange. Edwin Crooks would receive this information from his cousin, Donald Crooks, who was in charge of index trading at Morgan Stanley. Edwin Crooks would walk into the XMI crowd and purchase the precise puts and calls which would predict where the market would close. How did I know, you might ask. Edwin Crooks bragged to me that he had received inside information from his cousin. (Honestly, Ed Crooks is incredibly stupid.) Edwin Crooks knew that the AMEX would never investigate him-for he was a governor in 1985. And he was correct. In June 1985 I reported Edwin Crooks to Jules Winters for trading on inside information. And I was informed by an AMEX employee that there had been numerous complaints concerning Edwin Crooks but that Jules Winters had refused to investigate Crooks.

In 1991 I reported Edwin Crooks to the Securities and Exchange Commission for trading on inside information. The AMEX cleared him-as it did Peter Orloff, whom I reported for illegally trading for an off floor account.

Edwin Crooks told Steve Peter that he hated me and wished that I were dead. This is incredibly stupid.

Edwin Crooks made an offer that was incredible and implausibly stupid. Crooks told Steve Peter, an ambitious AMEX member and floor official, that he (Crooks) would have the arbitration resolved in Margot’s favor and that he (Crooks) would ensure that Steve Peter would become a governor of the AMEX-if Steve Peter would murder me. Can you imagine the incredible stupidity of this offer: Murder someone and I’ll make you an AMEX governor. Of course, if you are caught, you’ll spend some time in jail. My God, what a moron Ed Crooks is.

Steve Peter told Ed Crooks that he was only a floor official and that he must be an Exchange Official first. Ed Crooks told him not to worry, he could arrange for Steve Peter, an individual with a severe drinking problem, to become a governor if he would murder me.

Steve Peter politely declined. The reason Edwin Crooks made this offer to Steve Peter was because Steve Peter is a karate instructor for Kishi Karate. What Edwin Crooks did not know was that I was one of the founding students of Kishi Karate, which is the reason why in April 1996, Steve Peter informed me of his meeting with Crooks.

In April 1996, Steve Peter related this event to me. Steve Peter stated that Edwin Crooks hated me. Steve Peter explained that he had charged this meal and drinks, primarily drinks for Crooks, to Susquehanna. Steve Peter even informed me that he was late in submitting the bill to Susquehanna.

Subsequently I asked Steve Peter on several occasions beginning in the fall of 1998, to relate this conversation to Gary Weiss of Business Week because Gary Weiss wished to write about crime at the AMEX. Steve Peter refused. But Steve Peter went even further. Upon learning that Business Week was interested in writing an expose of the AMEX, Steve Peter, who has a substance abuse problem-alcohol, would deride me in very abusive terms. Steve Peter would openly laugh at my predicament, knowing that Business Week believed me. Note: Gene Weissman, a former AMEX member and presently a principal in Lieber & Weissman, informed me in 1995 that Ed Crooks wished me dead. (And not that he had offered consideration to have me murdered.) I told him what else could you expect from a drunk.

I had known Steve Peter for many years. I felt very sorry for Steve. He was a substance abuser with a serious drinking problem. Before he obtained a job at Susquehanna, he was down and out. I wished to obtain a position for him, but his friend, Alan Nathan, told me not to make an attempt because Steve Peter had a horrible reputation. Currently, he swaggers at the AMEX like, in the terms of Michael Lewis, a big swinging dick.

Steve Peter is to be pitied. I always advised him to seek solace in religion. He once explained to me that although his father was Jewish, his father was the biggest anti-Semite Steve had ever known. This came about because I informed him circa 1995 that I had defended Jews when Louis Miceli, a floor governor of the AMEX in 1988, had called me a fuckin’ Jew and had defended the ovens of Auschwitz as a proper repository for Jews.

Steve Peter was especially horrified that Joel Lovett, whom he thought of as Italian, was Jewish and that Joel had lied about me to protect Miceli, a Jew hater. Steve Peter had always thought of me as being a Jew.

But as Steve Peter became more prosperous, he became more of a bully and a coward. I wonder if he has an arrest record for fighting? I have heard a rumor about this in Manhattan, but I do not know if this is true.

Regardless of the past, Steve Peter now mocks me and occasionally taunts me, when he sees me-which is infrequent.

That is life. The criminals go free-for now.

I am the one individual who can cost the AMEX, the NYSE and Spear Leeds and Kellogg in excess of one and a half billion dollars. And you think that these fools would stop the nonsense.

You must be a fool if anyone believes that I shall not provide the necessary information to the class action attorneys.

The AMEX and NASD are stupid. They mistake kindness for weakness.

I am disgusted.



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