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May 1, 2016

Edward Manfredonia

Financial Reporter

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

20 June 2012


Mr. Ravindra Kumar


Statesman House

4 Chowrindghee Square

Kolkata 700001


Dear Mr. Kumar:


The information, which I am providing to you, should result in an investigative article similar to the article, in which The New York Times exposed the lies and machinations of Jayson Blair.  Yes, it is that bad.


I recently read that Ms. Anjali Sharma, the wife of Gary Weiss, a former senior reporter for BusinessWeek who was terminated from BusinessWeek for lying in articles, had been named the United States correspondent for The Statesman.  Unfortunately, your newspaper did not perform an adequate background check on Ms. Sharma, who because of her unforgiveable and criminal activities, forging articles and submitting these articles to obtain a permit to remain in the United States, will hereinafter be referred to as Sharma.


The information, which I am providing to you, can be verified with the United Nations, most notably the security staff which removed Sharma from her offices at the United Nations under armed guard, and The Pioneer of India, an esteemed newspaper in India.  I suggest that you contact these two sources.


Sharma was involved in a major scandal at the United Nations.  This scandal not only involved Sharma lying to the United Nations, but also lying to the United States government to falsely obtain her immigration status as a reporter for the United Nations.




If you should doubt my veracity or the veracity of the published material concerning Sharma, I wish to state that in 2009 when I was accredited to the United Nations as a correspondent for The Black News to cover the United Nations General Assembly, I independently confirmed this imbroglio- which should have resulted in the immediate deportation of Sharma from the United States.  Unfortunately the United Nations did not report this to the United States Department of State and to Homeland Security.  Also Sharma’s then fiancée and afterwards husband Gary Weiss, had influence as a senior writer for BusinessWeek, so Sharma was not deported.


Sharma had obtained media credentials at the United Nations by stating that she was a reporter for The Pioneer of India, a prominent newspaper.  Sharma even presented copies of her articles, which she stated had appeared in The Pioneer of India.


In reality Sharma and Weiss manufactured on Weiss’ computer by photo-shopping fictitious articles allegedly written by Sharma on the front page of The Pioneer of India.  These articles never appeared in The Pioneer and Sharma had no contact with The Pioneer.  Eventually the United Nations contacted The Pioneer and discovered that Sharma had no position with The Pioneer.  Sharma was expelled from the United Nations on 16 March 2005 under armed guard.


I have enclosed a copy of the letter, which expelled Sharma, and this link


Please note that the individual, from whom I obtained this document, darkened Sharma’s name.  But everything can be verified with the United Nations.


Weiss himself is a liar and perjurer.  The most important article, which Weiss wrote, was “Scandal On Wall Street,” which was the 26 April 1999 BusinessWeek cover story.  More than one page of this article was devoted to me.  (I have enclosed for your perusal a copy of the 26 April 1999 BusinessWeek cover story, and copies of the last two pages of the article, which discuss my attempts to expose this scandal.)  Weiss received several awards for this article.  Weiss never mentions this article in his curriculum vitae because I have publicly stated that he is a liar.


In an attempt to discredit me, Weiss lied in an article, “Offering Credence to the Crank,” which appeared in the IRE Journal.  In this article Weiss lied and stated that I was not the source of information concerning the segments of the article about option price fixing and illegal trading by specialists.  Unfortunately for Weiss this article, including the aforementioned segments, had been vetted by Ken Vittor, General Counsel of BusinessWeek.  Vittor knew that I was the source because my sources provided the information concerning this illegal trading and in some instances I taped conversations with my sources.  As a result Weiss was forced to resign from BusinessWeek for lying about his sources.


Unfortunately BusinessWeek covered up Weiss’ termination and lies because BusinessWeek could have been sued by numerous individuals if BusinessWeek acknowledged that its primary investigative reporter had lied in an article.


The question should be asked:  “Why did Weiss risk everything by lying about me?”


The reason for Weiss lying about me was that in another article, “A Message From The Mob,” Weiss lied about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  Specifically Weiss stated that Chalem and Lehmann had been murdered by the Italian Mafia when in reality Chalem and Lehmann had been murdered by the Russian Mob, which is run by Russian Jews.  (Weiss is Jewish.)  Weiss had hoped to obtain a book contract to write about the Italian Mafia.  In order to hype this proposal Weiss made up the story that Chalem and Lehmann were murdered by the Russian Mob.


But there is more to the lie.  Seymour Zucker, Weiss’ senior editor at BusinessWeek, has a close friend, Feivel Gottlieb, who is a former member of the American Stock Exchange.  I was a member of the American Stock Exchange and knew that Gottlieb had been involved in stock frauds.  Gottlieb was involved with Lehmann in several stock frauds.


Gottlieb supplied information to Zucker about stocks and options.  Zucker traded, from his office at BusinessWeek, stocks and options on the basis of this information.


So Seymour Zucker, a senior editor at BusinessWeek, was investing on the basis of information from his friend, Feivel Gottlieb, who was involved with manipulating fraudulent stocks.


I suggest that you investigate the fraudulent activities of Anjali Sharma.  If you wish you can investigate her husband Gary Weiss, who has boasted of committing perjury in court.  Like husband, like wife.


When you sleep with pigs, you smell of pig poop.


Thank you.





Edward Manfredonia


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