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May 24, 2016

Dear All:


WBAI:  The Dumbest Guys in the Room:  The Not for Profit Enron


Whereas Enron set up Special Purpose Entities to cover up its fraudulent practices, WBAI performed its accounting fraud in a simpler mode- it omitted or decreased expenses and increased revenues.


But WBAI was even more brazen than Enron- The Dumbest Guys in the Room at WBAI even boasted that federal law was being violated.


I have reproduced below a brief e-mail exchange between Mitchel Cohen and me.  In this e-mail exchange, I stated that WBAI violated federal law.  Mitchel Cohen stated that WBAI did not violate federal law by lying about the hiring of Andrea Katz.


Mitchel Cohen believes that WBAI does not have to obey federal law regarding the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.  What is noteworthy is that Mitchel Cohen has currently derided the performance of Andrea Katz.  Why?  Because Steve Brown, who arranged for the hire of Andrea Katz, had provided support for Gary Null’s mentally and legally deficient lawsuit against Pacifica and several other defendants, one of whom was Mitchel Cohen.


Mitchel Cohen does not care that WBAI violated federal law- after all, commies (as he has described himself- small c), do not have to obey federal law.




Mitchel Cohen via 
to wbailsbfinance

At 09:10 AM 5/29/2013, ed manfredonia wrote:

The hiring practices violated federal laws pertaining to hiring individuals at an IRC 501 (c) (3).  Federal law takes precedence.  The position must be advertised and the hiring process must be open.  Also, Pacifica is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission.

Ed Manfredonia

Ummm, No.
It’s not the case that hiring practices of WBAI are in violation of federal law. Management has the legal right to hire interim or temporary staff without going through the processes Ed suggests, as it also does for consultants or even contractors.

Look, I am not a lawyer (and neither is Ed). But we are all, I’d hope, smart enough to know that asserting that Federal law prohibits this or that activity on the part of WBAI’s general manager does not make it so.

Ed, if you want to go this route then please cite the text of the federal law (as opposed to a union contract) that you say requires that all positions must be advertised and that the hring process must be “open” (whatever that means, in this legalistic context, since you’re bringing us there without defining your terms).

I’d prefer to discuss all of this in a rationally rather than in a legalistic framework. Once you start arguing it out as a question of law (and counter laws, and definitions), you move the discussion of what’s best for WBAI and Pacifica into a different realm that disempowers the listeners and staff (non-experts that we are) and strips us of our ability to participate meaningfully in providing governance to WBAI, which is our charge under the bylaws.




Keep up the good work Mitchel Cohen.  And add to your resume of left-wing projects, the destruction of WBAI.  Thank you.  Ed Manfredonia


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