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May 24, 2016
Ed Manfredonia <>
WBAI: The Dumbest Schmucks in the Room
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Ed Manfredonia <> Mon, May 23, 2016 at 7:16 PM
To: Gary Evans <>, Bernard White <>, Stephen Cohen <>, TracyRosenberg <>, CereneRoberts <>, Abby Charles <>, Marcus Jetter <>, Frank LeFever <>, Heather Gray <>, M Hernandez <>, Jimmie Brown <>, Oscar Fernandez <>, Luzette K <>, Keanna Faircloth <>, “Benito A. Diaz” <>, Richard Uzzell <>, William Martin <>, Lona Alias <>, Peter Tucker <>, “” <>, jim Dingeman <>, Dgiuseffi <>, John Brinkley <>, Bob Young <>, WBAI LSB Finance Committee <>, Bob Lederer <>, william heerwagen <>, Stephen Howard <>, Ed Manfredonia <>, “” <>, Kenneth Laufer <>, Russell Dale <>, Veronica Faisant <>, Teresa Allen <>, Bill Crosier <>, Summer Reese <>, cfo <>, Pacifica Executive Director <>, Stephen M Brown <>, Margy Wilkinson <>, John Gladney Proffitt <>, Don DeBar <>, MELISSA ENNEN <>, James Sagurton <>, Joseph Harney <>, “” <>, Reggie Johnson <>, Steve Brown <>, Melissa Ernst <>, Anita Hawkins <>, Otis Maclay <>, Janet Coleman <>, john garry <>, Omar Burdet <>, Sequoia Mercier <>, Reza Pour <>, Bella De Soto <>, yudamaan <>, Dave Johnson <>, Marla Bernstein <>, Christine Peres-Pena <>, Augustin Cebada <>, Thomas Halle <>, Moe Mansouri <>, Fernando Roldan <>, Dan Nowman <>, Lance Charles <>, Dr Thomas Halle <>, Mike Madani <>, Cuco <>, Jan Goodman <>, Rob Macon <>, Jon Almeleh <>, Carl Makower <>, Lydia Brazon <>, Quincy McCoy <>, Efren Llarinas <>, Cerene WBAI <>
Dear All:


As I have stated previously, Mitchel Cohen, former Chair of the WBAI Local Station Board, and R Paul Martin, Chair of the WBAI Finance Committee, member of the WBAI Local Station Board, Treasurer of the WBAI LSB and member of the Pacifica National Finance Committee, are the individuals, who are most responsible for the decline of WBAI.


I have reproduced below an e-mail exchange between me- and not Martin; but Martin could not resist displaying his sociopathic nature.  As usual Martin, a mentally disabled individual, could not resist taunting me.  Even though Martin knew that the Internal Revenue Service had audited Pacifica because of missives, which I had written. Martin was upset that I had posted on the WBAI Finance Committee listserv that the hiring of Andrea Katz was illegal because it had violated the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and Not for Profit Law.


But Martin, like all cowards, cannot resist taunting individuals, who have moral beliefs.  Ergo, Martin replied to my e-mail, which I had sent to Cohen.



R. Paul Martin via 
to wbailsbfinance

On 6/5/2013 11:12, ed manfredonia wrote:
> Mitchel,
> Here is how my statement that WBAI is violating federal law must be

> handled. ….


Or we could just decide that you do not get to boss us around.

And we could, based on your past behavior and claims, dismiss any and
all allegations you have made as baseless.



R Paul Martin is a sociopath and his response to my e-mail to Cohen proves that Martin believes that he is the smartest guy in the room- perhaps he knows more than most third graders.  The e-mail was not addressed to Martin, yet he had to insinuate himself into the discussion.


Enron:  The Smartest Guys in the Room.


WBAI:  The Dumbest Schmucks in the World.


More in the next posting.  Thank you.  Ed Manfredonia


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