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June 15, 2016



Last week I met an individual, who was an employee of the New York Stock Exchange.  I asked him whom he knew.  The man replied that the biggest scumbag, whom he knew was Chris Keelips of Ernst, Ware and Keelips.


I laughed.


I remembered that Stanley Katz, an individual too full of himself, told me that he hated Chris Keelips.  Katz, who believed that it was permissible for Robert Van Caneghan to rape his female employees, hated Chris Keelips because Keelips was “spoiled.”


But I remembered that Ernst, Ware and Keelips was a partner with Berkman Leff in the New York Options Exchange.  Richard “Fat Boy” Cranmer, who always smelled of fecal matter because of his huge size, was a man of extremely limited intellectual ability.  But that is not the subject of conversation.


A partner in Ernst, Ware and Keelips was assigned to be a specialist in some of the calls.  This partner ran the out month calls.  Originally a specialist in the Bond specialist unit, he was assigned to the NYOE because he was to represent Ernst, Keelips and Ware.  But what an asshole.


This man, whose name I cannot remember, was always showing up late for work.  I was assigned to explain calls to him.  Cranmer hated me; he always hated individuals, who were smarter than he was.  So Richie “Fat Boy” Cranmer felt comfortable around this man.  This man was a drunk and cocaine abuser.  He had a corporate credit card, which he sued on “restaurants.”


One day Norman Leff, a decent man and the Patriarch of Berkman Leff, asked me about some bills.  Norman questioned why the bills for food were so high.  I explained to Norman that “Fat Boy” was always ordering food from restaurants- excessive amounts of food.


But Norman said that this partner in Ernst, Ware and Keelips was always eating at expensive restaurants.  I told Norman that those were not restaurants that they were fronts for Mafia controlled massage parlors.  My exact words were:  “He’s charging blow jobs to the firm.”  I also opined that he had taken “Fat Boy” to one of these establishments.


Norman was furious.  I told Norman that “Fat Boy” Cranmer always surrounded himself with moral degenerates like himself.  And the only way out was to leave the partnership because these individuals, such as Jay Berkman did not have a brain.


I then opined that I would rather be dead than have children like Peter Berkman and jay Berkman.


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