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July 25, 2016



Yam Tak Cheung told Steve Forbes to screw himself.  Why?  Perhaps, Yam Tak Cheung thought that the integrity of Forbes magazine (which never had any integrity) would suffer irreversible damage after it became known that Malcolm Forbes coerced his male employees to permit him to rape them.


Even worse, Malcolm Forbes paid members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang to have sex with him.  The Hells Angels raped the anus of Malcolm Forbes- and Malcolm Forbes, a most reprehensible man, enjoyed being raped by drug dealers.


Of course Malcolm Forbes then passed along HIV to those male employees of Forbes magazine that he forced to have sex with him.


Steve Forbes has said that Forbes magazine does not have to apologize to the male employees, who were raped by his father.


Nor does Forbes Magazine have to apologize for Malcolm Forbes spreading HIV to those individuals whom he forced to acquiesce to his rapacious demands for sex or they would lose their jobs.


Yam Tak Cheung does not wish to be associated with the Forbes family, which believes in un troussage de domestique.


Malcolm Forbes deserved to be in jail, where he could be subjected to the male version of un troussage de domestique, which is equivalent to:  “Drop your pants, Motherfucker.”


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