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August 1, 2016



Nothing stinks as much as the cooperation of the Queens Democratic Party as its cooperation with the Italian Mafia.


In 1977 the Queens Democratic Party backed John Santucci, a Mafia associate, to be Queens County District Attorney instead of Maurice Nadjari, a crusading former prosecutor.  Santucci swore to protect the Italian Mafia and its control of the carting industry and more importantly the Mafia’s hijacking airport at Kennedy airport.


The good citizens of Queens, as usual, backed corrupt politicians and the Italian Mafia over a crusading special prosecutor.  That is why Sunny Sheu feared for his life.  Sunny Sheu, an informant for the FBI and a former agent of the Chinese government, knew that he was going to be murdered.


Most likely Sheu was not murdered by the Italian Mafia.


But the Chinese government wanted Sheu dead.  Milton Allimadi wanted Sheu dead.  John Sampson wanted Sheu dead.


Sheu was no crusading figure.  Sheu defrauded everyone with whom he came into contact.


Sheu passed a bad check in the amount of $2,500 to Milton Allimadi and The Black Star News.  Allimadi was furious over this and made several statements, such as, he can’t get away with this and someone will take care of him.


Sheu refused to pay a legal fee of $250 to one of Milton Allimadi’s attorneys.


Sheu promised to pay Senator John Sampson $5,000 if he could speak at Sampson’s Senate hearings.  But Sheu reneged on the $5,000 payment and, therefore, did not speak.


Sheu also reported Sampson to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Too many individuals wanted Sheu dead.


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