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September 5, 2016

CERTIFIED MAIL  Z 544 856 312



Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, New York 11373

12 October 1999


Harvey Silverman

Spear Leeds and Kellogg

120 Broadway

New York N Y 10271


Dear Harvey:


I have been informed that Spear Leeds is engaged in negotiations to be purchased by another firm.  Please inform this other firm that Spear Leeds has seriously violated federal securities laws and that Spear Leeds can be sued under the provisions of the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act.  Please inform the firm with which you are in negotiations that Spear Leeds could be liable for damages exceeding one billion dollars.


I am sorry that Spear Leeds and Kellogg was forced to cancel its Initial Public Offering because of the articles which appeared, with my assistance in Business Week, but Spear Leeds cannot merge without notifying the acquiring firm of any and all possible civil and criminal actions against Spear Leeds.  So please detail all violations of federal and state law to this firm.


I have been provided with information concerning illegal trading and the use of accounts at Spear Leeds and Kellogg.  This information includes not only the use by trading firms, such as Oakford, of trading accounts to trade illegally, but also the use by specialist firms, which clear through Spear Leeds and Kellogg, of trading accounts for partners in these firms to trade illegally stocks in which these firms specialize.  And of course the illegal trading by Spear Leeds and Kellogg.


Furthermore, I believe that the statute of limitations under RICO is ten years.  I believe that that encompasses everything from the Rizzutto decision to the present illegal trading, price fixing in options, and the illegal use of trading accounts which clear through Spear Leeds.


Please provide me with the name of the acquiring company and I shall provide that firm with sufficient information to halt this merger.


You shall need more than the protection of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice to prevent this merger from succeeding.


Thank you.





Edward Manfredonia


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