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October 12, 2016

Edward Manfredonia
8337 St. James Avenue
Apt. 4B
Elmhurst, New York 11373

7 February 2001

The Honorable Richard D. Casey
Federal District Court
500 Pearl Street
New York, N Y 10007

Re: Robert Strougo v. American Stock Exchange, et alia
C.A. No. 1:99-962

And other related cases

Dear Judge Casey:

In previous missives I have demonstrated price fixing by specialists and collusion in anti-trust.

In November 1999, I was informed that Marvin Farbowitz, a former member of the American Stock Exchange, was peddling his supposed expertise as an expert witness to the class action attorneys. I wish to state that the use of Marvin Farbowitz is suspect for many reasons.

One reason is his lack of expertise. Although I have not been a member of the AMEX for some time, Farbowitz was a two dollar broker with no knowledge of options. I have questioned some option traders and specialists and the opinion was unanimous that Farbowitz was not an options maven. Unless, Karon Morris and her fellow class action attorneys have sent Marvin Farbowitz to an expert to coach him in trading derivative products, options and exchange traded funds, Farbowitz would not be a convincing witness.

Another reason for his present bias against the AMEX is that I have been informed that Marvin has initiated legal action for his eviction from the trading crowd. Whereas it is true that Marvin Farbowitz spoke against the division of orders, Farbowitz did this not to protect the public but merely to assure that he would participate in the trades. Farbowitz did not protest price fixing in exchange traded funds but merely wished to have a piece of the pie at the expense of the public. This is sufficient to question his motives.

But now I must state the most compelling reason for Farbowitz’ lack of sincerity. Since July of 1992, Farbowitz has harassed me verbally for bringing discredit upon the AMEX.

In July of 1992 an article appeared in The Wall Street Journal. This article, written by Tim O’Brien, was an expose of PNF, a stock fraud perpetrated at the American Stock Exchange by Al Avasso; George Wellington; and, Sam Gottfried with the cooperation of Louis Miceli, a former governor of the American Stock Exchange; Robert VanCaneghan, a governor of the American Stock Exchange; and, Steven Lister, Senior Vice President of Compliance. It must be stated that in January 1992 I had informed Steven Lister; Philip Axelrod, Vice President of Compliance; and Suzanne Johnson, an AMEX Compliance Attorney that Al Avasso was preparing another stock fraud, which I termed Port-a-Fone (hence PNF). Note: The first stock fraud which Avasso helped initiate was Greyhound Electronics, a stock in which Avasso and his relatives earned in excess of $23 million. (Most of the money was moved to Luxembourg by Heinz Grein, principal of Frost and Sullivan, who was convicted of insider trading in Motel 6. I had qualified Frost and Sullivan for membership on the AMEX)

I must state firmly that I had nothing to do with this article. When I approached The Wall Street Journal with the story of PNF I was ignored. But Louis Miceli was outraged at this expose and blamed me. But I did know quite a bit about this stock fraud- including the fact that Al Avasso had paid off Steven Lister to lessen his punishment when he was expelled from the AMEX for falsifying trades. (These were Avasso’s words, not mine. In 1991 it was known that Lister had taken payoffs to overlook violations of federal securities laws. At a later date, Joseph Palmeri, a governor of the AMEX, boasted: So Lister took payoffs, Manfredonia has to prove that in court. Palmeri is the selfsame fool who boasted that he could beat me in a fight. Can you imagine some fool in his mid fifties attempting to initiate a conflict?)

After the article appeared in The Wall Street Journal, I was standing outside the AMEX, when Marvin Farbowitz approached me. Farbowitz told me: You had a private dispute with Chicky (Miceli), and now you have involved the AMEX.

I replied to Marvin Farbowitz, an Orthodox Jew: You take off your yarmulka when you go inside the AMEX so as not to offend Miceli. And you criticize me. Miceli praised the ovens of Auschwitz and you criticize me.

Note: When I was a member I had noticed that Marvin Farbowitz wore a yarmulke outside the AMEX, but removed his yarmulke upon entering the AMEX. I questioned Farbowitz concerning this habit. Farbowitz stated that he would remove his yarmulke upon entering the AMEX because many members did not like to see a Jew wearing a yarmulke. Farbowitz specifically mentioned Louis Miceli as being an individual who did not like to see a Jew wearing a yarmulke on the premises of the AMEX. Yet, Hymie Muller wore his yarmulke and withstood the insults of Louis Miceli and his acolyte, Ginger Ketcham, and wore his yarmulke with pride as a sign of the covenant between Jews and God.

And Farbowitz, concerning Miceli’s obvious anti-Semitic rhetoric, retorted: So what, you’re not a Jew.

Such is the cowardice of Marvin Farbowitz, an Orthodox Jew. And this could be used by opponents of teaching the Holocaust in New York City High Schools.

The private dispute, according to Marvin Farbowitz, was my eviction from the AMEX for asking for an investigation into the report by two AMEX security guards that Louis Miceli had been apprehended by them with an unregistered pistol. Charles Diecidue, Director of Security, who was later terminated from the AMEX for defalcations involving a sum greater than $500,000, permitted Miceli to enter the AMEX with an unregistered pistol.

But that was just an excuse. Miceli hated me, because, in his words, I reminded him of a “fu***n’ Jew.” For years Miceli, a coward and a punk, would call me a fu***n’ Jew, etc. And the Jewish governors of the AMEX, Mark Greenberg (of the Goldman Sachs wire) whose son Richard Greenberg has been executing orders for Goldman Sachs in derivative products and exchange traded funds, and Joel Lovett, former acting Chairman of the AMEX and later Vice Chairman of the AMEX, whose body is festooned with tattoos, stood by Miceli out of cowardice. According to Gene Weissman, who credited his father Herbie Weissman with this information, Joel Lovett had tattoos imprinted upon his body (a violation of Jewish law, which is the reason Adolf Hitler ordered Jews to be tattooed at concentration camps), so that Joel Lovett would not be identified with those wimpy Jews who died in Auschwitz. (This story of Joel Lovett and wimpy Jews was confirmed by Jonathan Frey, a former Jew, who converted to Lutheranism from Judaism and married a great niece of Hermann Goering.)

Farbowitz knew the story of my main fight with Miceli, and truthfully, everyone at the AMEX knew what had occurred.

One day on the bathroom wall in the mezzanine, someone wrote:
Wanted dead
Hymie Muller
Hitler should of
Killed his parents.

I complained to a floor supervisor and requested that he have this slander obliterated. This was not done. I then complained to William Alter, a governor. Alter did nothing.

The next day I visited Arthur Levitt and told him of the race slander. I told Levitt: I’m a goy, not a Jew and I want this off the wall.

I continued: Hymie’s parents survived Auschwitz, but his brothers did not. They died in Auschwitz.

Levitt went ballistic and ordered these anti-Semitic slanders obliterated.

I went to the floor where I traded Texaco. Miceli, a true coward, started calling me a f***in’ Jew; a Jew bastard, etc. Miceli screamed who cares about Jews dying in camps. This was succeeded by the usual f***in’ Jew, etc. ravings of a madman junkie.

I then went to Levitt and told him what occurred. I wanted Miceli fined $10,000. Levitt called Miceli upstairs and berated him, but did not fine him.

Miceli returned to the Texaco option and said: You went to the principal.

I said: This isn’t the school yard. But in a school yard a fight settles everything.

Miceli was quiet because with all his bluffing and tough guy attitude, Miceli knew one truth, I would cripple him in a fight. Miceli was a coward who would bluster, but when he saw me outside of the AMEX he would run away.

Whenever I complained to Mark Greenberg and Joel Lovett about Miceli’s anti-Semitic outbreaks, they would ignore me. Later I referred to them in letters as Kappos from Auschwitz and Treblinka, because they refused to stand up to Miceli. And worse.

Now Marvin Farbowitz knew this story. And Farbowitz, as a true coward, never complained about anti-Semitism, not even when the birthday parties for Adolf Hitler were held on April 20.

So who could believe a man who defended Louis Miceli, an individual who would have been happy if Marvin Farbowitz’s mother had perished in Auschwitz?

I further must state that two other Jewish cowards, Steven Lister, Senior Vice President of Compliance, and Philip Axelrod, Vice President of Compliance, verbally harassed me and vociferously defended Miceli and his right to demand the extermination of the Jewish religion.

And that is the shame of the story. But there is more.

There is the saga of Arnulfo Peat, an AMEX employee who was a reporter for the Texaco option. One day the Texaco option was busy. Miceli was flustered. Arnulfo Peat was slow in putting up the quotes.

So the junkie Miceli went ballistic. He screamed: Peat, get your black ass over here.

Miceli then, with great force, slapped Peat on the head.

I was horrified. Larry Patrick, an AMEX Exchange Official, witnessed this outrage. I asked Larry if we could have Miceli thrown off the floor. Larry said that the AMEX wouldn’t do anything. (Also present were Steve McQuade, who was very upset, and Marguerite Kissane, an AMEX trader.)

I told Peat to do something. Arnulfo Peat, a black Vietnam Veteran, declined for fear that he would be fired. Miceli, a coward, had slapped a Vietnam Veteran.

Marvin Farbowitz takes his yarmulke off to appease his Moloch, Louis Miceli.

And Farbowitz criticized me, Edward Manfredonia, a decent man who defended Jews against an anti-Semite.

If Marvin Farbowitz is an expert witness, he has an awful lot of baggage.

Now that is the background for a lack of Farbowitz’s moral courage. But there is much more. And it is quite a bit worse if he is an expert witness for the option price fixing lawsuit.

Marvin Farbowitz is a coward who likes to play tough guy. So on occasion Marvin Farbowitz would see me in front of the AMEX and act like a wise guy. He would smirk and say: So, you’re still here. And this was not in an encouraging tone.

But to be more direct concerning the option price fixing which is being litigated. When the article, Scandal On Wall Street, appeared in Business Week, Marvin Farbowitz criticized me and said that Chicky (Louis Miceli) is no longer here so why are you ruining the exchange.

After the class action lawsuit alleging price fixing in options was initiated Farbowitz was critical of me. Farbowitz said that I would cost the AMEX a lot of money and why did I wish to ruin the AMEX. Farbowitz continued that Chicky and Joel aren’t here anymore. Why don’t you forget about the AMEX?

Farbowitz said that $150 million dollars per annum was a lot of money. I replied that there was price fixing. Farbowitz denied this. I said Marvin, don’t lie to me. You know that there is price fixing.

Although this lawsuit involves anti-trust principles, Marvin Farbowitz defended price fixing and the right of AMEX members to cheat the public. As I have stated Farbowitz was never interested in the benefit of the public.

So if Marvin Farbowitz is the expert witness for the class action attorneys he is doing it for the money and to advance his own lawsuit. (The AMEX started a rumor that Farbowitz was engaged in litigation.)

Like I said Marvin Farbowitz has a lot of baggage. Unfortunately, for an Orthodox Jew to defend a racist and anti-Semite would never pass muster.

And I never lie.



Edward Manfredonia




Louis Miceli and his partner, Robert VanCaneghan, were a strange duo. While I was trading Texaco options Miceli and VanCaneghan would frequently speak of Miceli’s escapades as a youth. But these were not the usual escapades of the stupidity of adolescent boys.

Miceli and VanCaneghan would speak of Miceli’s fondness for torturing animals. VanCaneghan and Miceli would reminisce of their halcyon days when Miceli, accompanied by VanCaneghan,
1. douse dogs with gasoline and set them on fire
2. sever the penises of male dogs
3. throw cats from the roofs

When I once said that this was sick, Miceli was outraged and stated that he would “rip my head from my neck, and s**t down my throat.”

In reality I would destroy Miceli in a fight.

And lest we forget in 1988-89, Miceli underwent two rhinoplasties because his nose tissue was so damaged by a caustic substance.

Yet, Edwin Crooks, Joel Lovett, Mark Greenberg, Biddle Worthington, Andrew Schwarz, Joseph Palmeri, Richard Cranmer, Tony Boglioli, all governors of the AMEX, and Jews such as Steve Lister, Philip Axelrod, etc. have lied and smeared my name to protect Louis Miceli.

Most of the above is known to Peter Kann, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, who in July 1992 canceled an expose of Robert VanCaneghan and Louis Miceli as a favor to Arthur Levitt and the American Stock Exchange.


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