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October 25, 2016

Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

917 608 9083

4 October 2016

Mr. David Barstow


The New York Times

620 8th Avenue

New York, NY 10036


Dear Mr. Barstow:


You have authored articles about Donald Trump.  Yet, The New York Times has refused to report on the far greater crimes of Hillary Clinton.  1,400 African-Americans were murdered by the Shower Posse, a Jamaican Drug Gang, because Hillary and Bill Clinton did not want crime at the American Stock Exchange exposed.


I have enclosed for your perusal copies of several documents:

  1. A letter, dated February 13, 2004, from Senator Hillary Clinton in which Senator Clinton refuses to refer to the FBI documents and letters, which prove a cover up of money laundering, narcotics smuggling, Mafia stock frauds, etc. at the American Stock Exchange.
  2. A sworn statement from Patrick Azzara in which Azzara states that he had been questioned by FBI Special Agent Joseph Yastremski concerning money laundering and narcotics smuggling by Louis Miceli and Robert Van Caneghan, members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange. This letter was entered into the record when I sued for my FBI files.
  3. My FBI wire order, which proves that I had been wired by the FBI.
  4. A copy of a letter, dated 6 June 1994, which was addressed to FBI Special Agent Joseph Yastremski. This letter discusses the involvement of Ken Silverman, a member of the American Stock Exchange, who was laundering drug money for Jamaican Drug Gangs (The Shower Posse).
  5. A copy of the article, “Wall Street’s Role In Fueling Jamaican Drug Gangs,” also known as “What About U S Accomplices To The Drug Business,” which appeared in the 16 August 2010 physical edition of The Black Star News. In this article I detailed my numerous missives to the FBI and individuals in which I provided information concerning drug smuggling and money laundering.  1,400 African-Americans were murdered by Jamaican drug gangs from Florida to Maryland.  Yet, nobody cares.

There are numerous missives, which were originally addressed to Senator Evan Bayh.  Under the custom of Senatorial Courtesy, my missives were then forwarded to Senator Hillary Clinton, the Senator from the State of New York.  These missives to Senator Bayh were accompanied by numerous documents, newspaper articles, and court filings, which proved that violations of federal law were pandemic at the American Stock Exchange.  All material, which was referred to Senator Clinton, is stamped on the reverse, RECEIVED JAN 20 2004 and is initialed Eric L.

I hope that you will contact me.



Edward Manfredonia


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