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November 29, 2016

The New York City Media hates Rudy Giuliani.  Yet, The New York Times knows that John Zuccotti was the bagman for Paul Reichmann.


Olympia and York, which was owned by Paul Reichmann, needed a tax break.  So, Paul Reichmann, a citizen of Canada, made a deal.  Reichmann would arrange for Giuliani’s name to be smeared, and thus ensure that David Dinkins were elected, if Olympia and York were to receive a reduction in the assessed valuation of its properties in New York City.


Paul Reichmann was also furious that Rudolph Giuliani had secured the indictment of Marc Rich, who in violation of United States law had sold Iranian oil to South Africa.  South Africa then sold uranium to Israel so that Israel could develop nuclear weapons.


John Zuccotti placed his money before the welfare of the United States- just as Bill and Hillary Clinton have done.  Bill Clinton sold out America when he took a payoff to pardon Marc Rich.


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