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December 7, 2016



The murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann were covered up by Gary Weiss, disgraced former Business Week reporter and former adjunct Professor of Journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


The gravamina against Gary Weiss are very basic.


Unlike me, Edward Manfredonia, Gary Weiss never spoke to anybody, who was a member of Aish Kodesh, the Orthodox Woodmere synagogue, to which Maier Lehmann and Feivel Gottlieb belonged.  On several occasions I took the Long Island Railroad to Woodmere and spoke to members of Aish Kodesh.


Maier Lehmann ran his stock frauds out of Aish Kodesh and would meet with his coconspirators after Schacherit.  This was when stock frauds were planned.  I know that Feivel Gottlieb, a personal friend of Seymour Zucker who was Weiss’ editor at Business Week, met with Maier Lehmann after Schacherit.


I also met two attorneys at 60 Centre Street who advised Maier Lehmann not to get involved with the Russian Mob in stock frauds.


Gary Weiss and Seymour Zucker agreed to cover up the murder of Maier Lehmann because it would involve the members of Aish Kodesh and the individual, Feivel Gottlieb, who gave stock tips to Seymour Zucker.


Gary Weiss never interviewed Michael Frayler, a former member of the New York Stock Exchange who pleaded guilty to illegal trading.  Michael Frayler and Al Chalem attended the University of Miami together.  Al Chalem trusted Michael Frayler so much that Michael Frayler kept the financial records of Al Chalem’s stock frauds.  (Weiss had this on tape.)


Gary Weiss never interviewed Warren Sulmasy, the CEO of Harbor Securities and a former Amex member who permitted Al Chalem and the Russian Mob to take over Harbor Securities.


Gary Weiss never interviewed Al Santamaria, who complained to me that Warren Sulmasy hoped to make millions from the stock frauds of Maier Lehmann- and, of course, Weiss had this on tape.  (Weiss had this on tape.)


Gary Weiss never interviewed Guy Velardi, an investor in Harbor Securities who made the office his home.  Velardi said that the Italian Mafia never had anything to do with this.  Velardi also said that Joel Lovett, former Vice Chairman of the American Stock Exchange, knew about Chalem’s stock frauds.


And this is just the beginning.


Gary Weiss lied because he wished to falsely attribute the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann to the Italian Mafia because he hoped to publish a book about the Italian Mafia and have a movie made about the Italian Mafia.


Gary Weiss lied about me because I could expose his lies.


Everybody knows that Weiss fabricated stories and a letter of recommendation so that his wife, Anjali Sharma, would become an accredited reporter at the United Nations.  Anjali Sharma was evicted from the United Nations under armed guard for her lies.


And let us not forget that Gary Weiss is proud that he has committed perjury in Court filings.


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