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December 10, 2016

CERTIFIED MAIL 7016 0910 0002 3485 6419

Edward Manfredonia

Financial Reporter

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

4 December 2016

Mr. Steve Coll


Columbia University

Graduate School of Journalism

2950 Broadway

New York, NY 10027


Dear Dean Coll:


I strongly urge that the material, which I had previously sent to you and this information, be presented to the Columbia University Senate.  The purpose is to assure that Columbia University will have no further dealings with Gary Weiss, a perjurer who hates non-Jews and who believes that he is free to smear the names of non-Jews to advance his own interests.  Gary Weiss has a deep hatred of Christians.


I have reproduced below a copy of a page from the Deep Capture blog, which was established by Patrick Byrne, whose father was Jack Byrne and who is the principal of Overstock.  This excerpt from Deep Capture will provide further proof that Gary Weiss assisted his wife, Anjali Sharma, in providing forged documents to the United Nations so that Anjali Sharma could receive press credentials from the United Nations.  Once again I have provided a redacted copy of the United Nations expulsion order, which ordered Anjali Sharma to be escorted under armed guard from the premises of the United Nations.


I am the individual, whose name Patrick Byrne does not mention as the victim of Gary Weiss’ false accusation of anti-Semitism.  At that time Howard Sirota, a class action attorney, was involved Gary Weiss and Sam E Antar, in smearing Patrick Byrne with other attorneys.  Sirota, a first class coward, threatened me with physical violence.  After Sirota realized he could not beat me, Sirota threatened me with physical violence from the Jewish Defense League.  Believe me, these fools could not beat me.


Regardless, Gary Weiss and his Jewish cohorts, like to call individuals anti-Semites, when these individuals expose their crimes.


Deep Capture excerpt:

I now turn to Gary Weiss. Last year one of the most prominent journalists on Wall Street warned me, “I’ve known Weiss for years. Be careful. He’s a psychopath.” As you will see, he was neither joking nor exaggerating. I think, however, that Gary is better described as a “Scaramouch.”


In a series of brilliant investigations, Judd Bagley, a reporter-investigator-technologist friend of mine (and more recently, I am proud to say, a colleague) studied the IP footprints Gary’s computers have left scattered across the Internet for over a decade, and posted his extraordinary analyses of them on his cleverly-titled site, “”. Judd’s posts are as disturbing with regard to what they reveal about our society’s discourse, as they are regarding the activities of Gary himself.


It is a complex story that I recount below in as clear and straightforward a manner as I can muster. The best way for me to do that is to break it into 7 short stories. Embedded within each are links to carefully documented research . I respectfully suggest the reader try to understand these as individual stories, before synthesizing them into one complete picture.


#1) Gary’s start in social media


Gary started with simple Usenet group posting in the mid 1990’s, often making productive contributions to newsgroups devoted to matters Judaic. However, as this analysis shows, by the late 1990’s Gary had become a chronic “sock-puppeter,” that is, he maintained a stable of identities and personalities under which he could post in order to steer conversations to his ends (Gary even posted anti-Semitic statements that he could then respond to under other names). Another user caught Gary red-handed and confronted him. Establishing a pattern that would become Gary’s hallmark, when he was caught red-handed Gary Weiss practiced the “deny-deny-deny-then-disappear” school of personal responsibility.


Another pattern of Gary’s emerged as well: that of accusing anyone who disagrees with him about anything as being anti-Semitic. One person whom he has accused of hundreds of times of anti-Semitism complained to the Anti-Defamation League. Showing immense class, the ADL looked into it all and dismissed Gary out-of-hand. Notwithstanding this, Gary continues to level this allegation against that same man (under the assumption, presumably, that he understands anti-Semitism better than the ADL).


#2) Gary’s manipulation of Amazon reviews

For years Gary posted numerous reviews on Amazon praising his own books and trashing the work of other business journalists, as this analysis shows. While Gary’s sock-puppets trash other journalists (e.g., Charles Gasparino), there is one journalist whom he never bashes, but whom he uses his sock-puppets to promote: Jim Cramer. Hilariously, though they were supposed to be the work of various disinterested strangers, Gary’s sock-puppets’ glowing Amazon reviews of his own work began disappearing the moment Judd began exposing Gary’s methods.


#3) Gary goes beserk against another journalist and that journalist’ wife at the United Nations

The following remarkable history is recounted, with thorough documentation, on these two posts.


  1. a) Ian Williams, a British journalist, was president of the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) and UN correspondent for The Nation. Mr. Williams’ wife, a BBC World Service journalist (and native of Uzbekistan), also held a position within the UNCA.


  1. b) Gary’s wife (an Indian national holding herself out as a correspondent for the Indian newspaper The Pioneer of India) applied to work within the United Nations Correspondents Association. To be admitted to the UNCA she had to demonstrate that she was in fact a journalist who covered the UN. Towards that end she submitted copies of her stories from the front page of The Pioneer of India, along with a letter from The Pioneer‘s editor, Chandan Mitra, attesting to her employment there. On that basis she was admitted to the UNCA and began working in the UN offices in Manhattan.


  1. c) Gary’s wife coveted the UNCA position above her that was then held by Ian Williams’ wife. Gary attempted to dislodge Ian Williams’ wife from that position by claiming that Mrs. Williams had lied in order to get her visa to enter the US, so as to create an opening which his own (Gary’s) wife could take. Gary’s allegations proved false.


  1. d) Journalists at the UNCA noticed that the stories which Gary’s wife was regularly submitting from The Pioneerto document her ongoing UN coverage were of identical size and location on the front page of The Pioneer. A bit of investigation proved that they were all forged, and had been photo-shopped on a computer. The Pioneer was contacted, and its Editor Chandan Mitra statedthat Mrs. Weiss had “never been engaged by The Pioneer for any purpose,” his signature on her documentation was “an outright forgery,” as was the letterhead upon which it had been generated. Simply put, Gary’s wife was a fake : she never was a reporter for The Pioneer of India. Gary’s wife’s UN credentials were revoked and she was escorted from UN premises under armed guard.


  1. e) Within days of the exposure of Gary’s wife and her being escorted out of the UN, Gary was on Amazon writing reviews under the name “Ted Dichtler” trashing Ian Williams’ work, and within 30 days, had founded “Mediacrity,” a blog putatively devoted to media criticism, but actually largely engaged in (anonymously) hammering away at journalist Ian Williams for being “a fourth rate hack” and continuing the demonstrably false smears against Ian Williams’ wife.


  1. f) It should also be noted that when confronting a man on a Usenet group, Gary posted that man’s wife’s name and home address. Pretty sleazy (although the man in question was a bigot, I think good manners demand that one not get even with a guy by revealing his wife’s name and address). In contradistinction to Gary, however, Judd, ever the gentleman, wrote:

“ has issues with Gary Weiss, not his wife. As it happens, one of the more startling examples of abuse of social media we’ve discovered anywhere and the central theme of this, the third part of this series on Gary Weiss – cannot be told without making reference to that relationship. However, because her identity is ultimately not material to this situation, we shall only refer to her as ‘Mrs. Weiss’ (though Weiss is not her real last name) and have set this site’s comment filter to immediately reject any comments that contain either her first or last name. Comments containing any other personally identifying information belonging to Mrs. Weiss will be immediately deleted and the commenter barred from further use of this site.”

I will follow the same principle here on DeepCapture.


  1. g) Aside from the general zaniness of the story, there are at least two take-aways from this:
  2. i) Gary had accused Mrs. Williams of lying to get her visa, but those accusations were false. Gary did this while Gary’s own wife was forging her credentials, which credentials were the basis of her own employment at the UN. Thus, Gary and his own wife were engaged in the act of which they were falsely accusing another journalist’s wife. That act takes a sociopath (e.g., the kind who could post anti-Semitic comments while continuously accusing others of anti-Semitism).
  3. ii) What was Mrs. Weiss doing for those years when she was given access to the UN, under the guise of being a correspondent for The Pioneer of India?



I will gladly provide you with more information.


But I wish to state this:  If Gary Weiss were African-American and not Jewish, he would have been fired and his termination would appear on the evening news.  Weiss’ lies are far more egregious than the lies of Jayson Blair.


Very truly yours,



Edward Manfredonia


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