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January 25, 2017



It appears that Jerry Capeci, a self-proclaimed expert on the Italian Mafia, has willfully and knowingly lied about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  Capeci provided Gary Weiss with Weiss’ Mafia expert, Louis Pasciutto, a small time punk who was involved in several pump and dump schemes.  I do not know why Jerry Capeci would lie about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  But I have written to Jerry Capeci and have proved that Gary Weiss is a sociopath and a liar.


Jerry Capeci knew that Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann had been murdered by the Russian Mob and that Michaal Vax (Mikhail Vax) was responsible for the murders- as told to me initially by Michael Frayler, who not only had maintained the financial records of Al Chalem but also was employed as a risk manager at Harbor Securities- on the orders of Al Chalem.


Al Chalem was born in Canada.  Chalem’s father was a Canadian.  After Al Chalem had been murdered, Michael Frayler called Al Chalem’s father, who lived in Canada.  Frayler told me that Alain Chalem’s father was a doctor in Canada and was Jewish.  But Gary Weiss and Jerry Capeci have not mentioned this fact.  It is important because, according to Frayler, Chalem was unhappy working with the Italian Mafia and wanted to work with the Russian Mob.  That is why the stock fraud was run by Maier Lehmann out of an Orthodox synagogue, Aish Kodesh, in Woodmere.


That is also the reason why Michael Frayler had 3 vicious Neapolitan Mastiffs to protect his family.  The Russians were involved.


Here is the letter, which I had sent to Jerry Capeci.  And Capeci has refused to reply.


Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

19 January 2017

917 608 9083


Mr. Jerry Capeci

PO Box 863

Long Beach, NY 11561


Dear Mr. Capeci:


On 29 August 2012 I met with two Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at 26 Federal Plaza.  The reason:  I had been threatened by the Russian Mob because I had named Mikhail as the killer of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  Gary Weiss has lied to you.  The Italian Mafia had nothing to do with the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  Michael (Mike) was responsible for the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.


I have enclosed a copy of a letter from Mr. Yoel Mazar, Assistant Director of the Anti-Defamation League, New York Regional Office.  Weiss and his cohorts smeared my name as an anti-Semite because I knew that Howard Sirota did not wish to collect the judgment against Crazy Eddie Antar and that Sam E Antar did not report the presence of Eddie Antar when he illegally entered into the United States after fleeing to Israel.


I have also included a copy of a document, which proves that I had been wired by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  AUSA Frances Fragos (later Townsend) signed the wire order.


I have enclosed for your perusal a copy of a letter, dated 16 March 2005, which was authored by Mr. Ahmed Fawzi, Director, News and Media Division and sent to Mr. Bruno Henn, Officer-in-Charge, Safety and Security Services.  This letter states that Anjali Sharma, (whose name is redacted by the individual who obtained the letter) the wife of Gary Weiss, forged letters of accreditation from The Pioneer of India so that Sharma could gain accreditation to the United Nations.  This letter ordered Sharma’s immediate removal from the United Nations- under armed guard.  Weiss forged the letters of accreditation for Sharma and also wrote fictitious articles, which Sharma stated that she had written for The Pioneer.  As a reporter, you can easily verify this information.


If Weiss forged letters of accreditation to the United Nations, Weiss can easily set you up to print false information.  After all Weiss teamed up with Sam E Antar and Howard Sirota to take down Overstock, so do not labor under the illusion that he would not set you up.


I originally reported Gary Weiss to Vartan Gregorian, a member of the Board of McGraw-Hill, for falsifying his expense account.  Business Week then issued a ruling that all entertainment expenses had to be in the McGraw-Hill building.


I was responsible for the 26 April 1999 Business Week cover story, “Scandal On Wall Street.”  (More than one page of this article is devoted to me.)  Weiss published an article, “Offering Credence to the Crank,” in which article Weiss stated that I was not responsible for the parts of this article, which exposed illegal trading by specialists and price fixing in options.  In May 2004 I read this article on the Internet and wrote to the IRE Journal.  Weiss was terminated by Business Week in June 2004 for lying about his sources- me.


Weiss and Business Week attempted to have me arrested; but the New York Police Department detectives told me that Business Week had set me up and that Kenneth Vittor, General Counsel of McGraw-Hill, had personally telephoned the detective and ordered the NYPD to arrest me.  Vittor stated that I disagreed with a series of articles, it was only one lengthy article, and that Business Week did not have a photo of me- that statement was a deliberate lie.



I am writing to you concerning:

  1. Gary Weiss, a liar, thief and perjurer
  2. Your dissemination of incorrect information concerning the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.


On 25 May 2011 you wrote in an article for the Huffington Post that the Italian Mafia was responsible for the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  That is totally incorrect.  Gary Weiss wrote that Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann were murdered by the Russian Mob because:

  1. Weiss wished to publish a book about the Italian Mafia and by attributing the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann to the Italian Mafia Weiss secured that contract.  You had recommended the individual to him.
  2. The Russian Mob had infiltrated Business Week.  Feivel Gottlieb, a personal friend of Seymour Zucker and a seat owner of the American Stock Exchange, was involved in the stock frauds of Maier Lehmann.  Gottlieb provided information on options and stocks.  Zucker traded on the basis of this information.
  3. The stock frauds of Maier Lehmann were run out of the Orthodox Jewish synagogue, Aish Kodesh in Woodmere.
  4. Weiss knew that Gottlieb had earned millions via the manipulation of penny stocks.  I had been informed of this by Walter (Eisenberg?); Gene Vorhand, whose daughter married a Reichmann; Ashley Nemeroff; etc.- all in the officers of Wagner Stott.  By the way, Nemeroff hates me.
  5. Weiss knew that Michael Frayler, a former member of the New York Stock Exchange, had maintained the financial records of Al Chalem.  Frayler had pleaded guilty to illegal trading.  Weiss knew Frayler through me.
  6. Frayler said that he was afraid of the Russians and that Mike had ordered the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  (Weiss had a tape of this.)
  7. Weiss knew that Frayler had several Neapolitan Mastiffs to protect him from the Russian Mob.
  8. Weiss knew that Harbor Securities, which had been founded by members of the American Stock Exchange (look up “Scandal On Wall Street,” which was about the American Stock Exchange).  Warren Sulmasy, a member of the Amex, had founded Harbor Securities.
  9. Weiss had a February 1999 tape recording of Guy Velardi, an Amex seat owner who traded at Harbor Securities.  In this tape recording Velardi said that he did not like what was going on.  I asked Velardi if the Italian Mob were involved.  Velardi said no.  Velardi said that Joel Lovett and his son, Evan Lovett were involved.  Velardi could not say anything more because at that time because Joel Lovett, former Chair of the American Stock Exchange, was coming to his desk.  Weiss had the tape of Velardi’s conversation.
  10. Velardi also told me that Bill Toll, one of the original investors in Harbor Securities, had pulled out his money from Harbor because Toll did not like what was going on.
  11. Al Santamaria, a former Amex member and seat owner, told me that he had left Harbor because “Warren was keeping all the money for himself.”  That money was from the stock manipulation.
  12. Shea Halligan had left Harbor because he had an argument with Warren Sulmasy over the Russians and that Warren
  13. Weiss had Velardi’s tape because on the basis of this tape, Business Week obtained some financial records of Evan Lovett, who was declaring bankruptcy.
  14. Weiss knew that $4 million had disappeared from Pax Clearing because of the bankruptcy of Harbor Securities.  Two employees had told me that “Warren had stolen the money.”
  15. On two occasions after the bankruptcy of Harbor Securities I visited Warren Sulmasy in his office.  (I cannot remember if it were Beaver Street or Hanover Square.  Once I spoke to him on the street.  I told him that Frayler was afraid of Mike and had Neapolitan Mastiffs to protect his family.  Warren said that dogs could not protect Frayler from Mike.  I said that Mike’s real name was Mikhail.  And Warren let it slip that Mikhail was Mike’s Russian name.
  16. Michael Frayler was hired by Warren Sulmasy as a risk analyst at Harbor Security because Al Chalem had ordered Sulmasy to hire Frayler.  But Sulmasy had terminated Frayler because Frayler had been indicted by the Department of Justice for illegal trading on the NYSE.
  17. James Weil, a member of the NYSE, told me that Frayler had boasted to him that he was working for the Russian Mob.  Weil advised me to stay away from Frayler because Frayler was involved in pump and dumps.  I gave this tape to Weiss.  Weil would never speak to me again because he was afraid of losing his job and losing his life to the Russian Mob.


I have also included a copy of a missive, dated 21 September 2016, sent via certified mail 7016 0910 0001 2951 9771, that is addressed to Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University.  In this missive I discuss the illegal conduct of Gary Weiss (the fraudulent letter, perjury) and have included his homophobic comments, which were made under an alias, Lamborghini 751.


There is more to this story; but the truth is that Arthur Levitt, Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission and former Chair of the American Stock Exchange, had stopped the investigation- just as he had used his influence to stop the investigations into the insider trading scandal of Motel 6.  This insider trading scandal was centered at the American Stock Exchange.  As a member of the American Stock Exchange I qualified Frost & Sullivan for membership on the American Stock Exchange.  I was a member of the AMEX for more than 7 years and possess an MBA in Finance.


Give me a call.  917 608 9083.


Thank you.





Edward Manfredonia


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