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January 28, 2017

Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

23 January 2017

917 608 9083


Mr. Jerry Capeci

PO Box 863

Long Beach, NY 11561


Dear Mr. Capeci:


I believe that it was 1996 when I was recommended to speak to you.  The individual, who recommended that I speak to you, was Carmine Panico.  Carmine Panico served time for narcotics distribution; I believe that he was sentenced with Carmine Galante and someone named “Big John.”  Carmine Panico knew that I did not lie.  Eventually, I met Gary Weiss of Business Week.  This resulted in the award winning cover story, “Scandal on Wall Street,” which was the 26 April 1999 Business Week cover story.


Unfortunately Gary Weiss has set you up.  Gary Weiss willfully knowingly and deliberately lied when he wrote an article, “A Message From The Mob.”  In this Business Week article Weiss lied and wrote that Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann had been murdered by the Italian Mafia when Weiss knew that Chalem and Lehmann had been murdered by the Russian Mob.  The murders of Chalem and Lehmann would have been convicted if not for Weiss’ lies- and his smear of my name.


I believe that sources for your article about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann include Gary Weiss’ source, Louis Pasciutto, Gary Weiss, and possibly Manuel Asensio.  Unfortunately, the Italian Mafia had nothing to do with the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  In a letter, dated 19 January 2017, I discussed several of my sources.


As I explained to Gary Weiss, who told me that he would interview Michael Frayler about the murder of Al Chalem, Al Chalem had been trading penny stocks since his college days.  Chalem and Frayler had attended the University of Miami together.  (if my memory is correct, it was the University of Miami.)


Frayler was approximately 10 years older than Chalem; but Frayler had worked as a stock clerk on the floor of the American Stock Exchange for approximately 10 years.  Frayler then attended the University of Miami where he hoped to play on the football team.  Frayler stated that he was on the team; but Jim Burt, NY Giants, told a reporter that Frayler had not played on the football team.


Frayler was so friendly with Al Chalem that after the murder of Al Chalem Frayler telephoned Chalem’s father in Canada.  Now if Alain Chalem’s father was a Canadian national, how could someone use the car of Chalem’s father?


Weiss visited Frayler at Frayler’s home; but Frayler wanted Weiss to assist him in publishing a book about illegal trading on the NYSE.  Weiss was angry; he had to purchase tires for his car to make the journey.  Whenever I went to visit Frayler at his home, I took the New Jersey Transit Bay Head line.  I met Frayler’s wife, Roma, who was from Poland and his 2 year old son.  (I believe that his son was 2 years old; but he was big for his age.)


Frayler had a collection (3, I believe) of Neapolitan Mastiffs.  One dog was so vicious that the dog was kept in a cage in the basement of his home.


I asked Frayler why he had the dogs.  Frayler told me to protect his family- and Frayler had the dogs for several years.


Frayler told me that Warren Sulmasy, the CEO of Harbor Securities, had hired Frayler as a risk manager- after he had been indicted for illegal trading on the New York Stock Exchange.  Frayler told me that he knew nothing about risk; but that Warren Sulmasy had hired him and was training him about risk.  While working for Harbor Securities, Frayler told me that he had met Evan Lovett, son of the Chairman of the American Stock Exchange.  Evan Lovett owned two strip bars and always spoke of strippers.


Evan Lovett had been trading illegally for the account of Gene Neale, who was an investor in Harbor Securities and the account was at Harbor Securities.  According to Guy Velardi, and Gary Weiss, has the tape Gene Neale had been trading illegally for Gene Neale’s account- while Evan Lovett was a specialist for J Streicher & Co.  Joel Lovett, the father of Evan Lovett and Chairman of the American Stock Exchange, had a joint book operation with J Streicher & Co.  (Jonathan Frey, partner of J Streicher at the American Stock Exchange, confirmed this information.)


Harbor Securities cleared its trades, if I remember correctly, first through Spear Leeds and Kellogg (120 Broadway), then through First Options at 111 Broadway.  Guy Velardi told me (and this was on a tape, which Weiss had) that FOC forced Harbor Securities to leave because it had violated the net capital rule.  Pete Purcell, then the CEO of FOC, told me that he told Harbor Securities to leave because of the Russian takeover of Harbor.  If I remember correctly Bill Toll, who owned a seat on the American Stock Exchange, told Pete Purcell that the Russian Mob had taken over Harbor Securities.  Harbor Securities then moved its clearing to PAX Clearing.  Harbor stole $4 million from PAX Clearing.


Note:  After 9-11, I met an individual, who had traded at Harbor Securities.  He told me that several weeks prior to the murders of Chalem and Lehmann, Chalem had brought several individuals, whom Chalem said were from Canada to trade at Harbor.  But these individuals, whom the individual believed to be Russians, did not deposit any money with Harbor and promptly lost money- which Warren Sulmasy claimed Chalem owed to Harbor.  I believe this caused a violation of the Net Capital Rule at Harbor and caused a temporary closing of Harbor Securities.


To return to Frayler:  Frayler told me that Al Chalem had ordered Warren Sulmasy to hire him.  Note:  Frayler was present at the meeting where Al Chalem punched Joe Logan.  Frayler told me that he was acting as Chalem’s bodyguard.  Frayler told me that this dispute involved the money of Mike, a Russian.


I also spoke to several attorneys, whom I had met in the law library at 80 Centre Street.  These attorneys, who either resided in Woodmere or who had relatives who resided in Woodmere, told me that Maier Lehmann had been involved with the Russian Mob.  I also visited Woodmere, Long Island, and I made inquiries about the murder of Maier Lehmann.  All respondents said that the Russian Mob had murdered Chalem and Lehmann.


There was one attorney from Woodmere who knew Maier Lehmann.  This attorney told me that had advised Lehmann not to go in with the Russians.  This attorney told me that Lehmann and other individuals would plot their trading after morning prayers (Shacharit).


Gary Weiss made up this story about the Italian Mafia murdering Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann so that he could sell a book about the Italian Mafia and have it published.


And finally, Frayler told me that Chalem did not want to work with the Italian Mafia because they were too dumb to understand his manipulation of stocks.  Frayler said that Chalem was working with the Russians because they were smarter.


The Gotti family and their attorney told me that the Russian Mob was involved.  I showed them my FBI wire order in federal court.


Gary Weiss deliberately disseminated false information to the FBI in order to have a book published about the Mafia.  I do not know why you have assisted Weiss.  Weiss despises Christians, especially Catholics.  Weiss told me that he was abused by an Irish gang in the Bronx.  I believe that he was forced on his knees.


You can call me at 917 608 9083.





Edward Manfredonia


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