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February 5, 2017

CERTIFIED MAIL 7008 3230 0000 2988 7546


Edward Manfredonia

Financial Reporter

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

22 May 2012


Ms. Janice Fedaryck

Assistant Director in Charge

New York Field Office

26 Federal Plaza

New York, NY 10278-0004

212 384 1000


Dear Assistant Director Fedaryck:


On the evening of 18 May 2012 I received a death threat.  It is my belief that this death threat involves my attempts to uncover the truth behind the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann in October 1999.


I received several phone calls from different phone numbers.  All telephone calls came from  the 718 261 exchange.  This exchange is located in Forest Hills; one of the major homes of the Russian Mob.


Note:  A friend attended the Bukharin synagogue.  He told me that at night there are meetings of Russian mobsters- replete with Vodka, fish, etc. in the upper floor of the synagogue.  My friend also told me that there is a sophisticated video system inside the synagogue to ensure that no murders are perpetrated in the synagogue itself.  My friend also told me that there was a full length portrait of the Russian gangster, who laundered money and who was murdered on the street during a federal trial.  My friend said, and this I could not verify, that the son set up the father.  Both were on trial in federal court.


Below is a list of the phone calls.


At 8:17 PM I received a phone call from 718 261 0560.  I did not answer the phone.  I returned this phone call at the following times:  8:21 PM, 8:22 PM, 8:32 PM and 8:41 PM.  Each time I received a busy signal.


At 8:18 PM I received a phone call from 718  261 1520.  I did not answer the phone.


At 8:20 PM I received a phone call from 718 261 0569.  I did not answer this phone call.  I returned this phone call at 8:21 PM and immediately again at 8:21 PM (two phone calls at 8:21 PM).  I received a busy signal each time.


At 8:25 PM I received a phone call from 718 261 1330.  I did not answer this phone call.  I returned this phone call at 8:31 PM and 9:05 PM.  I received a busy signal on both calls.


Finally at 9:09 PM I received a phone call from 718 261 1384.  I was able to answer this phone call.  The person, who made this phone call, said:  “I’ll kill you.”  This was a man.  The voice was low.


I returned this phone call from 718 261 3514 at 9:11 PM; 9:14 PM; and 9:14 PM (two phone calls at 9:14 PM).  Each time I received a busy signal.


I know that this life-threatening phone call from 718 261 1384 is connected to Warren Sulmasy and my inquiries into the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.


On 13 May 2012 I received an e-mail from Warren Sulmasy concerning information, which had been posted on my website,  The information, which is contained in my federal lawsuit to obtain my files at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Department of Justice.  My lawsuit linked Warren Sulmasy and his former trading firm Harbor Securities to the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  Sulmasy was not happy with my portrayal of him as a willing conspirator in the stock frauds of Chalem and Lehmann.  Sulmasy has pertinent information concerning the murders of Chalem and Lehmann.


Sulmasy contacted me via my hotmail account, edwallstr@.  Sulmasy was upset that I had this information on my website, for three years- and on several other websites since 1998.


On 13 May 2012 I responded to Sulmasy’s e-mail.  In my e-mail, a copy of which I have provided, I delineated my sources of information.  I provided the names of Evan Lovett, Joel Lovett (then Vice Chairman of the American Stock Exchange and a former washing machine repair man for Sears), Michael Frayler, George Roeser, Guy Velardi, Robert Ganbarg, Al Santamaria, Shea Halligan, etc.  Each of these individuals, with the exception of Michael Frayler, had been a member of the American Stock Exchange.  Frayler had been a member of the New York Stock Exchange and maintained the trading records of Al Chalem.


In a subsequent e-mail Sulmasy offered to provide me with information on Joel Lovett and his son Evan Lovett if I would delete Sulmasy’s name from my website.  Sulmasy provided me with one tidbit.  Sulmasy stated that he heard that Joel Lovett, who was the specialist in Lotus at the time, had received information concerning a takeover of Lotus.  I said that Joseph Greenwald, who had pleaded guilty to insider trading in Motel 6 had provided this information to Joel via Greenwald’s brother Jonathan Frey, who was a partner of Joel Lovett.


It is my belief that Sulmasy realized that I knew too much and he could not trade information with me.  So perhaps Sulmasy’s friends decided to threaten me as a means of dissuasion.


I had received a death threat when I was researching an article, “Ex-Wall Street Trader’s Shadow Raises Questions In Canada,” which appeared in The Black Star News on 27 November 2007.  This article discussed the money laundering activities of Louis Miceli and Robert VanCaneghan and the drug smuggling business of Louis Miceli- both members of the American Stock Exchange.  The death threat was discussed in “Two Death Threats In Last Month For Black Star,” which appeared in The Black Star News on 4 December 2009.  Of course the death threat did not deter me.


But there is something even more dishonorable than death threats from drug dealers and stock fraud artists.  Tom Wornom, an Assistant District Attorney, personally permitted Even Lovett to sell drugs and to run an illegal gambling ring at the American Stock Exchange.  In March 1995 Wornom picked me up as a favor to Joel Lovett- utilizing an unsigned complaint.  Wornom knew that there was an FBI investigation into the American Stock Exchange and the money laundering activities of Louis Miceli and Robert VanCaneghan, members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange; the narcotics smuggling of Louis Miceli aboard his private boat, The Jaded Lady; the stock fraud PNF, which was run by Al Avasso, a front for the Italian Mafia with the assistance of Miceli and VanCaneghan who were the specialists.


In 1993 Robert VanCaneghan admitted to members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange that he had sexually assaulted/raped his female employees.  Wornom asked me questions about the rapes.  I was evasive.  Afterwards Wornom telephoned the Amex and said that “no penetration had occurred.”  Wornom covered up a series of rapes as a favor to Arthur Levitt.  This information came from Joseph Palmeri, Jonathan Frey, Joel Lovett, Evan Lovett, and so many others.


Now I know that VanCaneghan had raped his female clerks.  I stood outside the door of the office of Miceli-VanCaneghan, which was located at 74 Trinity Place, when Ed Guttmann, who at the time was in charge of the Bear Stearns operations at the Amex, screamed at VanCaneghan for sexually  assaulting/raping his female employees, who at the time were employees of Bear Stearns.


Wornom protected a confessed serial rapist and then threatened to arrest me for asking Joel Lovett to cooperate with the FBI in an investigation of the rapes.  This was ordered by Robert Morgenthau.


Wornom said that my life could be threatened by Evan Lovett, who at that time was involved with the Russian Mob in strip clubs, narcotics and gambling, and if I were to respond, I would be arrested.


But in the end I have won.


When the American Stock Exchange was for sale and the prospectus was presented to the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, I wrote to these stock exchanges.  My letters, in which I included a copy of “Scandal On Wall Street,” and several missives to federal judges,  convinced these stock exchanges not to purchase the Amex.  The price was to be $1 billion.


Eventually the Amex was sold to the New York Stock Exchange for $280 million- quite a drop in price.  Only the NYSE would purchase the Amex because the NYSE was itself a RICO entity and an American corporation.  So the NYSE purchased the Amex.  And that was the beginning of the end of the NYSE.


In 2010 the Deutsche Borse announced a proposed takeover, which it termed a merger with the NYSE.  Eventually it was announced in the press that the European Commission was looking into the concentration of the derivative business of the NYSE.  This was my opportunity.  I wrote to the members of the European Commission and to various members of the Deutsche Green  Party about the illegal price fixing of options and exchange traded funds at the Amex.


In my letters I included a copy of the BusinessWeek cover story, “Scandal On Wall Street,” which exposed price fixing in options.  I included a copy of my article, “Rip-Off:  Wall Street Price Fixing,” which was published in The Black Star News on 17 May 2007.  This article exposed massive price fixing in Exchange Traded Funds at the American Stock Exchange by Goldman Sachs, Spear Leeds and Kellogg and Susquehanna Group.


I enclosed a copy of my article, “AIG And Price Manipulation,” which was published in The Black Star News on 5 November 2007.  This article exposed the illegal stock manipulation of the price of AIG by the NYSE specialists in AIG- Goldman Sachs and Spear Leeds and Kellogg.


With some letters I enclosed an additional series of articles, which explained the corruption of the Manhattan District Attorney, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commission in covering up criminal activity on Wall Street.


Eventually the European Commission did not permit the merger of the Deutsche Borse and the NYSE to be consummated.  The reason:  the combined entity would create a monopoly of listed derivatives- and of course price rigging in these derivatives.


The NYSE is losing money at a fast pace.  Whether it can stay in business is unknown.


So Morgenthau’s decision to protect his friends at the Harmonie Club (Alan Greenberg, Arthur Levitt) eventually led to the demise of not only the NYSE, but the collapse of the entire American financial system.


So in the end I was vindicated.


Unfortunately Morgenthau’s decision to permit the Russian Mob to takeover Harbor Securities has led to death threats upon my life.  Wornom said that Alan Umbria (Italian Mafia) and Evan Lovett (Russian Mob) could threaten my life.  So if I die I must assume that the Manhattan District Attorney could be sued.


That would be nice.





Edward Manfredonia


PS:  I hope that Tom Wornom does not obtain my cell phone.  He would probably publish my phone number in some Russian newspaper and advertise for hired killers.


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