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February 17, 2017

Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

12 February 2017


Lydia Polgreen

Huffington Post

PO Box 28154

Washington, DC 20038-8154


Dear Ms. Polgreen:


I am belatedly writing to you concerning an article, which had appeared in the Huffington Post in 2010.  Jerry Capeci, a proclaimed expert on the Italian Mafia, had written that the Italian Mafia was responsible for the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann in 1999.  I do not know the reason for Capeci’s lie; but Capeci has lied willfully and knowingly.


Gary Weiss, a disgraced reporter for BusinessWeek, had first advanced this theory, specifically that the Italian Mafia had murdered Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann- in order to have a book about the Italian Mafia published.  Weiss knew that the Italian Mafia had nothing to do with the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann- and Weiss had to smear my name in order to cover his lies.


Capeci also knows that the Italian Mafia had nothing to do with the murders of Chalem and Lehmann.  Capeci is a liar.  Now how do I know that?


I knew Carmine Panico, who was sentenced to prison for narcotics distribution.  I will not go into the specifics of the crime, but Carmine Panico had been told that I was having difficulty exposing crime on Wall Street.  Carmine Panico recommended that I contact Jerry Capeci, whom he personally knew.  But was told of two incident and I want to know why Jerry Capeci never wrote about these incidents.


The foreman of the first jury did not fall down the stairs.  He was thrown down the stairs by members of the Italian Mafia.


Every Saturday night Carmine Panico, Carmine Galante, etc. were taken to a Motel where they entertained whores and got drunk, etc.


Gary Weiss was terminated from BusinessWeek when in June 2004.  BusinessWeek was informed that he had an article, Offering Credence to the Crank, in the 2000 issue of the IRE Journal.  This article, Offering Credence to the Crank, was not submitted for review to BusinessWeek- and that was intentional.  Weiss lied in that article and was terminated by BusinessWeek.  The lie:  Edward Manfredonia was not responsible for the parts of the award winning 26 April 1999 BusinessWeek cover story, “Scandal On Wall Street.”  Unfortunately for Weiss, I, and my sources, were responsible for the entire article- except for one minor fact.  There were tape recordings, which had to be vetted by Ken Vittor, General Counsel of McGraw-Hill.  Vittor tried to have me arrested; the NYPD detective told me that Ken Vittor personally called and wanted me arrested; and the NYPD detective told me to sue BusinessWeek to stop the harassment.


The two lies, which proved to the NYPD detective that Ken Vittor had lied, was that I had complained about the article ‘Scandal on Wall Street” in 2004 when the article was published in April 1999 and that BusinessWeek had no photographs of me- even though more than one page of the article was devoted to me and that a photograph of me had appeared in the article.  BusinessWeek lied because the Russian Mob had infiltrated BusinessWeek.


Weiss also assisted his wife, Anjali Sharma, in writing forged letters of accreditation and forged supposed internet articles in The Pioneer of India so that Anjali Sharma could be accredited to the United Nations.  This was discovered in 2005; the fraud had occurred since 2003; in 2004 I sued BusinessWeek for harassment.


I have enclosed copies of my letters to Capeci.  Capeci, being an arrogant reporter who is never wrong, never responded to my letters.  But Capeci is a liar.


The reason that the murders of Chalem and Lehmann have not been solved is because Gary Weiss continually lied about the murders of Chalem and Lehmann by attributing the murders to the Italian Mafia- when Weiss knew that the Russian Mob had murdered Chalem and Lehmann.  Read my letters to Capeci.


And fire Capeci as a writer.


But here is something to prove that Weiss should never be believed.  Weiss published that someone named Edward Manfredonia, same name as my father, had served a prison sentence for a crime (nonviolent).  My father was never arrested for a crime, let alone convicted.


But Weiss like his father is a coward.  My father, Edward Manfredonia, served in WWII.  My father received two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts.  Weiss’ father was employed as a civilian in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the only blood his father shed was from Hemorrhoids.


Thank you.





Edward Manfredonia


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