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February 25, 2017



Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, has a soft spot for Gary Weiss, adjunct Professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.  Bollinger and his mignon, Steve Coll, Dean of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, have covered up Weiss’ ties to the Russian Mob.


Bollinger and Coll know that Gary Weiss forged letters of accreditation for his wife, Anjali Sharma, so that Sharma could obtain a position at the United Nations.  Weiss later attempted to have a legitimate reporter deported to the freedom loving Kazakhstan so that Sharma could take over the legitimate reporter’s position at a not for profit.


Weiss also had a firm friendship with Sam E Antar, a flunky for Crazy Eddie Antar and felon.  Weiss had Antar smear individuals as anti-Semitic so that Antar and his cronies could put Overstock out of business.


But it is Weiss’ ties with the Russian Mob that are more troubling.


Weiss lied about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.  Weiss knew that Chalem and Lehmann had been murdered by the Russian Mob and that Michael Vax (Mike, Mikhail) had ordered the murders.  The sources were impeccable including Michael Frayler, who kept the computer records of Chalem’s stock frauds and Feivel Gottlieb, seat owner at the American Stock Exchange who invested in the stock frauds of Maier Lehmann.  Gottlieb was a friend of Seymour Zucker, Weiss’ editor at BusinessWeek.  And this was another reason why Weiss wished to cover up the murders of Chalem and Lehmann; he did not want anyone to know that the Russian Mob and a bunch of stock fraud artists from Aish Kodesh synagogue were controlling articles in BusinessWeek.


Weiss refused to write about Feivel Gottlieb and the collection of stock fraud artists in the Five Towns are of Nassau County.  In 1998 Weiss mentioned Feivel Gottlieb, a seat owner at the American Stock Exchange, to me as a friend of Seymour Zucker.  I told Weiss that according to Walter Eisenberg and other individuals at the clearing offices of Wagner Stott, Feivel had earned millions in the stock manipulation of Maier Lehmann’s penny stocks.  But Weiss and Zucker felt that Gottlieb should go on to steal.


I related the story to him that Feivel Gottlieb had a dispute with my former employer, Hymie Muller, concerning the pricing of options in NME.



But Weiss’ protection of the Russian Mob is far deeper.  He has continued to protect the Russian Mob.  Mark Mitchell, a former employee of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, wrote that Felix Sater, a Russian Gangster, had been involved with high pressure short selling.  Mitchell also wrote that Sater had served a year in prison for stabbing an individual with the stem of a martini glass in the face.  Weiss defended Sater by stating that Sater had turned his life around.


But Weiss neglected several pertinent facts about Sater.  Sater had been a commodities trader at Bear Stearns.  Under Alan “Ace” Greenberg Bear Stearns had been laundering money for the Russian Mob.  According to Jonathan Frey, Greenberg’s son in law and a member of the American Stock Exchange, Bear Stearns was involved with laundering money for the Italian Mafia and the Russian Mob.


Sater brought in Russian money for Trump SoHo- a hotel in Manhattan.  Thus, we have a Russian Mob connection to the President of the United States- Felix Sater, a psychopath who is doing business with the Russian Mob.


Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, and Steve Coll, Dean of the Graduate School of Columbia University, have protected Gary Weiss and Weiss’ protection of the Russian Mob.


But why?  Perhaps Lee Bollinger and Steve Coll are expecting a donation to Columbia University and specifically to the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism to honor the Russian Mob.


I can be reached at 917 608 9083.  Ed Manfredonia


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