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April 23, 2017

Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

2 March 2017

Chancellor James B Milliken


205 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017
Dear Chancellor Milliken:


Once again I am writing you concerning Milton Allimadi, a professional scam artist who is currently employed as an Adjunct Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


Milton Allimadi has lied about the death of Sunny Sheu- a topic, which he will discuss and lie about in his class.  He has intentionally omitted unfavorable aspects of the life of Sunny Sheu.  When I was a reporter at The Black Star News (unpaid of course), Allimadi asked me to interview Sunny Sheu.  The following is what I discovered and what I told Allimadi.


Although a citizen of Taiwan, Sunny Sheu was an agent for the Chinese government.  In the 1980s Sheu shipped goods via Hong Kong, which were made in China.  Sheu told me that he had shipped containers of cheap goods.  These goods were labeled as being made in Hong Kong or another country.  Sheu made several comments about how easy it was to fool American customs.


Sunny Sheu let slip that he shipped goods back to China.  I began to question Sheu.  I asked Sheu what he had shipped back to China.  Sheu admitted that he had shipped proscribed computers to China.  Sheu was set up in the United States by the Chinese government to obtain computers and software, which were forbidden to be exported to the United States.


Sunny Sheu then told me about his present internet adventure.  Sheu said that he was setting up an internet dating service so that American men could meet Chinese women.  I explained to Sheu that there were numerous dating services for American men to meet Chinese women.  So pervasive is the desire for Chinese women to meet American citizens that Chinese women regularly place advertisements in Chinese language newspapers.  These Chinese women advertise in Chinese newspapers because these women do not speak English and want someone with American citizenship.


I then asked more questions.  It transpired that Sunny Sheu was involved in a new enterprise, which involved bringing Chinese women to the United States to be used as prostitutes in America.  (That is correct- used.)



While I was speaking with Sheu, Allimadi told Sheu that I had been wired by the FBI.  Sheu then produced a card, which belonged to an FBI Agent.  Sheu told me that he had been question by the FBI concerning the laundering of money by Norman Hsu and other individuals of Chinese descent for the Clintons.  I then asked Sheu if it were true that Bill Clinton had received a payoff of $1 million from the Chinese government to grant Most Favored Nation Status to China.  Sheu appeared frightened when I mentioned this and said that he had been told that Bill Clinton had accepted a $1 million bribe from the Chinese government.  I knew that he was telling the truth because I had been given details of the bribe by individuals, whose relatives were high ranking members of the Communist Party.


Once again we discussed Sheu’s refinancing of his home.  Sheu told me that he needed money.  Sheu told me that the woman, who had stolen his house, was not an American citizen.  I asked Sheu why he had not gone to Immigration and requested that the woman be deported for stealing his home.  Sheu was evasive.  I knew that there was something wrong with Sheu; he was no telling the whole truth.


During the interview I asked Sheu, whom I believe was a citizen of Taiwan, why he had not become an American citizen.  Sheu was evasive.  Finally, I had enough of Sheu.  I told Sheu that he had not become an American citizen because if he were to commit a crime in the United States, he would flee to China (not Taiwan) and China would not extradite him to the United States because he was an agent for the Chinese government.  Sheu did not say anything and looked down at the ground.


Now I will address the Death of Sunny Sheu.


Milton Allimadi has made a cottage industry of the murder of Sunny Sheu.  Yet, what Allimadi has not stated is that he had monetary disagreements with Sunny Sheu.


Sunny Sheu wanted a special edition of The Black Star News, which would his story on the front page, so that he could distribute the newspaper in front of Queens County Supreme Court of Judge Joseph Golia.  Allimadi said that he would print The Black Star Newspaper for $2,500.  I told Sheu that I would assist him in distributing copies of The Black Star News.


Sheu gave Allimadi a check for several thousand dollars.  Sheu never collected the copies of The Black Star News; nor did he return Allimadi’s phone calls.  The check later bounced.


At this time Sheu agreed to see an attorney (Neville), whom Milton referred.  The attorney gave Sheu the advice and charged Sheu $250.  Sheu walked out of the office without paying.


When Sheu’s check bounced, Allimadi was furious.  Allimadi said that Sheu could not do this.  Allimadi said that Sheu could not get away with this and stated that he knew people, who would take care of Sheu.


Although many of the circumstances of Sheu’s death are extraordinary, such as the involvement of the New York Police Department in threatening Sheu, there is one fact, which Allimadi knowingly misrepresents.  Sheu’s brother had the body cremated so that it could he could take it to Taiwan.


Regarding Sheu’s testimony before a New York State Senate hearing, Sheu was not permitted to testify before the New York State Senate Committee because Sheu had refused to pay a bribe of $5,000 (?) to Senator John Sampson so that Sampson would permit Sheu to testify.  (Sampson was convicted of bribery.)  Both Sheu and  Allimadi related this fact to me.  If I am correct Allimadi set up the meeting where the bribe was demanded.  Note:  I advised Sheu to go to the FBI about this bribery attempt.


As I have proved in my previous letter, Milton Allimadi is a scam artist and he threatened to have Sunny Sheu “taken care of.”  Allimadi was evicted from Medgar Evers College for fraud.  How could CUNY hire a liar and scam artist to be an Adjunct Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.





Edward Manfredonia


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