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May 2, 2017



The Africana Studies Department hired Milton Allimadi as an Adjunct Instructor-with the knowledge that Milton Allimadi is a fraudster.  Why?


Milton Allimadi:

  1. Engaged in a circulation scam involving The Black Star News by printing only 300 copies and claiming a circulation of 10,000
  2. Was evicted from Medgar Evers College for scamming CUNY of $100,000
  3. Charged CUNY, Columbia University, Con Ed, etc. $4,000 for a full page advertisement
  4. Did not pay taxes for a minimum of 10 years
  5. Took $1 million from The Black Star News, which has now been reduced to a meaningless blog and is no longer a physical newspaper
  6. Conned Holocaust survivors out of tens of thousands of dollars
  7. Laundered money via a Jewish billionaire, who believed that he was advancing social justice for African-Americans when he cashed checks
  8. Was sued by Columbia University for nonpayment of tuition
  9. Was sued by a check cashing establishment for bouncing checks
  10. Paid contributors to The Black Star News with checks that bounced
  11. Was evicted from 11 Broadway and 32 Broadway for nonpayment of rent
  12. Engaged in immigration fraud by entering a sham marriage with Neanda
  13. Conned African-Americans, who pleaded guilty to a felony, into legal representation- when nothing could be accomplished because of the plea
  14. Expressed a desire to harm Sunny Sheu for bouncing a $2,000 check made   out to The Black Star News.
  15. Knew that NYS Senator John Sampson, who pleaded guilty to charges, demanded $5,000 to permit Sheu to testify at a public hearing
  16. Knew that Sunny Sheu was an FBI informant; Sheu carried the card of an FBI Special Agent on his person.
  17. Knew that Sunny Sheu had been an agent of the Chinese Government
  18. Knew that Sunny Sheu had smuggled proscribed computers into China
  19. Knew that Sheu’s brother was the Executor of Sheu’s estate and Sheu’s brother had ordered that Sheu’s body be cremated.
  20. Was thrown off “Like It Is” because he is a con artist

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