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May 11, 2017

CERTIFIED MAIL Z 184 431 950



Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, New York 11373

9 August 1995


Mr. Michael Degnan


Federal Bureau of Investigation

26 Federal Plaza

New York, New York 10278


Dear Michael:


Approximately one year ago, Agent Yastremski made inquiries concerning the possibility that Louis Miceli had laundered money through his trading account.  I do not know if money laundering at the American Stock Exchange is currently being investigated, but this information might be helpful.



Joseph Roffler, the former head of margin at Spear Leeds and Kellogg and an individual who would possess information concerning money laundering at SLK is currently broke.  Joe Roffler was a partner at SLK.  Roffler took his partnership shares and cashed them in for approximately three million dollars.  Roffler then established a trading operation. Bullseye Securities, at the American Stock  Exchange.  Roffler lost approximately three million dollars.  It is my understanding that Roffler cannot meet the mortgage payments on his house.


Also if you are investigating any irregularities (and it is my understanding that there were several irregularities) in the accounts of Louis Miceli and Robert VanCaneghan at SLK, Joe Roffler would know the intricacies.  Roffler is well respected on Wall Street and has been entrusted with many secrets.  His assistance would be invaluable.



Approximately one year ago, I informed Agent Yastremski that Kenneth Silverman, a former AMEX member, had stated to me in the presence of another individual that he (Silverman) was moving hot money from Jamaica.  On Monday, August 6, I met a former AMEX member who currently resides in Jamaica.  This individual informed me that it is his belief that Silverman is involved in laundering money.  Also, Silverman informed me that while he was trading  on the floor of the AMEX, an AMEX member had referred him to Avasso so that he could invest in PNF.  (Silverman stated to me that he had been entrusted with several million dollars of Jamaican money to invest.)


Silverman could be dissembling but I do not believe that he was.  Perhaps this merits a minor investigation.


Thank you.







Edward Manfredonia


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