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June 21, 2017

CERTIFIED MAIL 7016 0910 0002 3496 9706

Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

15 June 2017

917 608 9083

Ms. Carrie Crawford


Friends of the Congo

1629 K Street, NW

Suite 300

Washington, DC 20006

202 584 6512


Dear Chair Crawford:


I am writing to you concerning Milton Allimadi, who is associated with Friends of the Congo.  While Milton Allimadi is very knowledgeable concerning the history and politics of Africa, Milton Allimadi is an unrepentant thief and embezzler.  I should know.  For approximately four years I was associated with The Black Star News.  I wrote perhaps 100 articles for The Black Star News.  I was frequently in the office and occasionally answered the phone.  It was then that I noticed that Milton had refused to pay contributors and vendors.  Note:  Milton Allimadi embezzled approximately $1 million from the coffers of The Black Star News.


I did not become aware of the full extent of Allimadi’s maniacal desire to defraud individuals until his sham marriage to Neanda Salvaterra and their subsequent split.  Salvaterra, who did not wish to share a conjugal bed with Allimadi, provided details to me of Allimadi’s frauds.


But Milton Allimadi is far worse than a fraud artist.  Allimadi had stated to me several times:  “I am only interested in my own self-advancement.”  That was proved by Allimadi’s refusal to publicize my article, “Wall Street’s Role In Fueling Jamaican Drug Gangs,” which was published in The Black Star News (yes, Allimadi’s own publication) on 08-06-10.  In this article I discuss my letters to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (some to FBI Special Agent Joseph Yastremski, who wired me).


In these letters I stated that Ken Silverman, a member of the American Stock Exchange, had told me and other individuals that he was laundering money for Jamaican drug gangs.  1,400 African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans, including young children, were murdered by Jamaican drug gangs.  But Milton Allimadi did not care. Allimadi would not profit from exposing that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had permitted Jamaican drug gangs to kill American citizens.


I have also included a copy of my FBI wire order and a letter from the Anti-Defamation League that exonerates me from the false charge of anti-Semitism.


I have included a copy of a letter, dated 7 September 2011, sent via certified mail 7011 0110 0001 4633 0116, which was sent to Mr. Frederick P. Schaffer, General Counsel of CUNY.  This letter details the circulation fraud and overcharging of advertising rates, based upon circulation, involving City University of New York and Medgar Evers College.


I have included a copy of a letter, dated 11 July 2011, sent via certified mail to the Honorable Joseph Golia, a Queens County Supreme Court Judge of the State of New York.  In this letter I explain that Milton Allimadi has omitted numerous facts concerning the death of Sunny Shue- who was an agent of the Chinese government and who smuggled proscribed computers, upon which the United States government had placed an export ban, to China.  Nothing like omitting facts- including the fact that Sunny Shue’s brother had ordered the cremation of Sunny Shue’s body and that Shue’s brother taken possession of the cremated remains of Sunny Shue.


Milton Allimadi liked to taunt me by stating that I needed him to print my articles about narcotics smuggling, rape, murder, stock fraud, etc. by Wall Street millionaires.  But Allimadi neglected to understand that as much as I needed his cooperation, he had a moral obligation, as a newspaper publisher and most importantly as an African-American, to publish my articles that the American government had permitted the importation of drugs as genocide upon African-Americans.


Do as you wish.  But let me leave you with one more paradigm of the immoral conduct of Milton Allimadi.  Milton Allimadi and Neanda Salvaterra attended a reception at the United Nations Mission of an African country.  While there Allimadi and Salvaterra met an African, who was involved in the smuggling of blood diamonds.  Both Allimadi and Salvaterra refused to investigate the smuggling of blood diamonds- even though the diamond smuggler provided them with the name of the buyer of the diamonds.  I requested that Allimadi and Salvaterra introduce me to the diamond smuggler so that I could write a story about diamond smuggling.


Salvaterra outright refused to provide me with any information and told me that Allimadi had the smuggler’s business card.


Allimadi was scared.  These people are killers, Allimadi stated.  I replied that they killed children and that I was not afraid.


Africans are killed over blood diamonds.  And I am some short, fat, white guy, who says that it is morally wrong and that I must take a stand.


Milton Allimadi is such a con man that his telephone is not even in his name.  Allimadi’s phone is in the name of Yosef Weisshaus.


Milton Allimadi is only interested in advancing himself.  Get rid of him.


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