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October 5, 2017

Edward Manfredonia

8337 St. James Avenue

Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, NY 11373

9 August 2017

The Honorable Thomas DiNapoli

Office of the Comptroller

State of New York

110 State Street

Albany, NY 12236


Dear Comptroller DiNapoli:


Unfortunately on 29 June 2017, you, in your official capacity as Comptroller of the State of New York and upon stationery of the Comptroller of the State of New York, which stationery bore the official seal of the State of New York, Office of the State Comptroller, wrote a letter to the Empire State Realty Trust concerning the rent, which WBAI must contractually pay to utilize the tower at the Empire State Building to broadcast.


WBAI has lied to you.  WBAI signed a contract to pay the rent.  For several years Berthold Reimers, the General Manager of WBAI, has lied to the WBAI Local Station Board and to the WBAI Finance Committee concerning the amount of the rent, which WBAI must pay to the Empire State Realty Trust.  Berthold Reimers has stated that the rent, which WBAI must pay, was $14,000 per month.  Berthold Reimers did not enter the remainder of the rent due (including penalties, interest, etc.) of approximately $40,000 per month into the financial records.  This is known as accounting fraud.  Due to your letter to the ESRT and false information, which has been provided to you by WBAI and supporters of WBAI, you are now obligated under the laws to the State of New York to perform an audit upon WBAI and Pacifica Foundation Radio.  Accounting fraud is a felony.


But I must digress from the rent owed to the Empire State Realty Trust because you are required to examine all financial statements of WBAI since 2012.


I must write to you concerning the situation, which involves non-payment of rent by WBAI to CUNY.  Several years ago, CUNY agreed to lease space in its broadcasting offices to WBAI for $5,000 per month.  WBAI has paid approximately $20,000 of the rent owed; but I have been informed that WBAI owes a minimum of $30,000 to CUNY.  And that CUNY has made no effort to collect the remaining sum, which is owed.  The sum of approximately $30,000 that has not appeared on the financial accounting statements of WBAI and Pacifica is a felony- accounting fraud.


Jim Dingeman, a member of the WBAI Local Station Board, has taken me to task because several years ago I wrote a letter to Chancellor Milliken.  In my letter to Chancellor Milliken I delineated WBAI’s non-payment of rent and something horrible.  A WBAI volunteer had been reported by a homosexual man for watching kiddie porn on CUNY computers.


I have reproduced a copy of one of Jim Dingeman’s screeds, which attacks me.  The purpose of this screed is to induce some individual to physically attack me.  Several years ago Dingeman threatened to throw me out of a window.  The FBI was not happy with this threat.


Dingeman’s screed, which was directed at me:


and while you are at it..was it you or someone else that masterminded the phone call to City College that cost WBAI and Pacifica thousands of dollars ..

that was a cute stunt ..whose idea was it to screw us financially..did you come up with that clever idea or did someone else?


I know that it nearly cost the job of the manager of the Radio station at CCNy and I do know it added a cost of if I recall correctly..around 20 our debts..that was a cute stunt 

what “cabal” thought of that one?


Unfortunately this is proof that WBAI had no intention of paying to CUNY the rent of $5,000 per month.  Currently, WBAI is being sued by the Empire State Building Realty Trust for approximately $2 million, which is rent owed to Empire State.  WBAI believes that it does not have to pay rent.  Berthold Reimers, General Manager of WBAI, lied and stated that ESRT was accepting payments of only $12,000 per month.  Berthold Reimers did not enter the remaining balance of approximately $40,000 per month into the financial statements of WBAI.  That is accounting fraud.


Berthold Reimers, General Manager of WBAI, utilized his friendship with the manager of CUNY radio to obtain a lease at CUNY for $5,000 per month.  But Berthold Reimers had no intention of paying the full rent.


Dingeman was upset that I had written to CUNY concerning WBAI’s refusal to pay the rent and WBAI’s refusal to move after it was discovered that a volunteer at WBAI had been apprehended allegedly viewing Kiddie Porn on the CUNY computers.  WBAI moved, but only after I had notified Chancellor Milliken of the Kiddie Porn and unpaid rent.  R Paul Martin, a Preferential Pedophile who likes 10 year old boys and who is Chairman of the WBAI Finance Committee had boasted at meetings of the WBAI Finance Committee that WBAI was squatting, and not paying rent at the offices of CUNY Radio.


Jim Dingeman and Berthold Reimers have excoriated me for my belief that Kiddie Porn is horrible and that viewing Kiddie Porn is a crime.


And this leads me to a huge political problem for you.  Lynne Stewart, surely you remember good old Lynne, who was sentenced to prison for providing material support to terrorism, was a member of the WBAI Local Station Board until her death.  Also, WBAI is a huuuge supporter of Joanne Chesimard, who killed a police officer.


For some unknown reason, Americans, including left-wingers from New York City, do not like individuals, who assist terrorists- and not just any terrorists, but the terrorists, who attempted to blow up the World Trade Center.


Not only terrorism is involved.  James Sagurton of New Jersey is a member of the WBAI Local Station Board.  Sagurton has a conviction in New Jersey for molesting a 14 year old girl and another conviction for masturbating in front of a movie theater as the patrons exited the movie theater.  Recently, Berthold Reimers, the General Manager of WBAI, threatened to file a complaint against me because I published Sagurton’s convictions.


So twisted is the mindset of Jim Dingeman that Dingeman has accused an elderly lady, who utilizes a cane, of going to the basement of WBAI and pulling out the electrical wires, which regulate the elevator.  I told Dingeman that this falls under the criminal code; but, Dingeman has steadfastly refused to report this crime to the NYPD.  Dingeman would rather that individuals suffer serious injury from an elevator mishap.


Your legal staff must contact WBAI and its governing body and inform the individuals, who comprise these entities, that they are legally, both civilly and criminally, for any crimes, which are perpetrated at WBAI- because they have recused themselves from notification of any individual, who has a criminal history and is on the same ballot as they are.  Also, an audit by the Office of the New York State Comptroller must be initiated.


Perhaps you can understand why WBAI must be sued for nonpayment of rent.  WBAI does not abide by any rules.   CUNY is a state institution. Have CUNY go after WBAI for the sum owed- or your office can audit CUNY once again for a slush fund.





Edward Manfredonia


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