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March 18, 2018



For some nefarious reason Gary Weiss, a nebbish writer of Mafia fairy tales, has become a protector of the Russian Mob.  Part of the reason is a question of marketing. Much of America has become enamored of the Italian Mafia- a crime syndicate, which does not speak English in a proper manner, and which provides humorous names to its members.


This is unlike the Russian Mafiya, which deals in widespread death and destruction including the use of prohibited weapons, such as weapons of mass destruction, and revels in the worldwide trade of kidnapped and raped women.  You cannot romanticize the sexual enslavement of young, beautiful, poor women. But Weiss, and his later friend, Sam Antar, had difficulties dating women.


But it is Felix Sater, who initially provided me with my doubts about Gary Weiss as a reputable reporter.


In 1998 and 1999 Weiss and I were working together on a story about pandemic crime at the American Stock Exchange- a story, which won his only journalistic awards.  In late 1998 Weiss offhandedly asked me if I could obtain some information on Felix Sater.


Weiss provided me with some basic information- that Sater had been employed at Bear Stearns. Bear Stearns was a sleazy firm. I knew and proved that, when I was a member of the American Stock Exchange, Bear Stearns had front run the XMI, the Major Market Stock Index.  (More of that in a later posting.)  The source of information for Bear Stearns had been a member of the Board of the Federal Reserve.


Bear Stearns was also the major clearing firm for brokerage houses with Mafia and Russian Mob connections.  Weiss knew this.


But I began to ask Bear Stearns employees about Felix Sater.  I was told by employees of Bear Stearns Clearing that Felix Sater was a member of the Russian Mob and that he had been laundered money into Bear Stearns for the Russian Mob.


Years prior to this I had met an in-house attorney, who explained to me, that Bear Stearns had a unique method of balancing its books at the end of the day.  Only two or three people could balance the trading records of Bear Stearns. Why? Because the top officers of the firm, five or so, including at that time, Alan “Ace” Greenberg, Jim Cayne would piggyback trades of hedge funds and takeover artists.


I also knew Jonathan Frey, senior partner in Streicher & Co at the American Stock Exchange, and his brother, Joseph Greenwald, who passed inside information on mergers to me. (Another story.) Frey was married to Lynne Greenberg, the daughter of Alan.


Frey had provided me with information that Alan Greenberg, CEO before Cayne took over, despised Christians. He also told me that Bear Stearns had cleared for Al Avasso, a stock fraud artists and member of the Amex, who had fronted for the Italian Mafia, because Greenberg had encouraged Bear Stearns to launder money for the Italian Mafia and Russian Mob.


But Weiss was not interested- even though Weiss knew through the A R Baron scandal that Bear Stearns had been protected from a RICO indictment by Robert Morgenthau, New York County District Attorney, and Arthur Levitt, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission.


I met with Weiss and explained to him that Sater was laundering money for the Russian Mob with the approval of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Note:  Weiss had proof that I had been wired by the FBI and that members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange had laundered drug money and smuggled cocaine. Weiss also knew that Levitt had used his influence to have the investigation dropped.


But Weiss was uninterested in exposing the criminal activity of Bear Stearns, the Russian Mob, and Felix Sater. So, Weiss wrote an innocuous article about Felix Sater and refused to delve deeper into the Russian Mafiya.


Weiss said that book publishers were not interested in the Russian Mafia.  Weiss told me that publishers liked the lore of the Italian Mafia.


But it was unusual that Weiss showed complete disinterest in the Russian Mafia. Weiss would never write about the Russian Mafia.  Weiss could not even be honest concerning Project Klebnikov. Weiss covered up crimes, which had been perpetrated by the Russian Mob.


Later in 1999 Weiss even sold out his country of birth, the United States of America, by providing the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Office of the Monmouth County Prosecutor (NJ) with false information concerning the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann.


Later he made the acquaintance of his soul mate, Sam Antar, an overly self-promoted crook. Gary Weiss and Sam Antar then conspired to sell out their country of birth, America, for Russian crooks.


Gary Weiss forgot that his grandparents fled the Russian Empire because of religious persecution and came to support Russian killers in the United States.


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