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My Dispute With Linda Fairstein


Barbara Mangan, a former employee and girlfriend of Louis Miceli received an arbitration settlement from Louis Miceli and his partner Robert Van Caneghan- if she would go to the office of Linda Fairstein and smear my name.  When I was a member of the American Stock Exchange, I had minimal contact, saying hello to her on several occasions.  I never had any discourse with her- until she ran up to me one day in a hysterical fit and told me that Robert Van Caneghan had assaulted her years ago.  I ignored Mangan because she had slept with Louis Miceli and had accepted a fox coat from Miceli as a thank you.  Miceli had dumped her.  Mangan had also told several employees of her employer, the eponymous specialist firm Miceli-Van Caneghan, that Robert Van Caneghan had attempted to rape her in her apartment.  Note:  Van Caneghan had sexually assaulted/raped several of his employees in his office at 74 Trinity Place.


Mangan had been terminated by Louis Miceli and Robert Van Caneghan.  Mangan needed the money.  Her husband had divorced her and Mangan had two daughters.  Mangan filed for an arbitration hearing with  Miceli-Van Caneghan.  Her case was hopeless.  Louis Miceli and Robert Van Caneghan told her that she would be rehired if she would smear my name to Robert Morgenthau.  Furthermore, Mangan had a long-term sexual relationship with Louis Miceli.  This relationship at one time included, according to Miceli, sex in a booth at the American Stock Exchange.  Miceli was a prolific user of cocaine, whose died from the effects of cocaine upon his brain.  (Van Caneghan arranged for Miceli’s murder.)  Miceli eventually dumped Mangan for a younger blonde.  (The arbitration part had been told to me by employees of Miceli-Van Caneghan; but Miceli and Van Caneghan had for years wanted to have Mangan fired.)  I cannot recall every saying more than hello to Mangan.  I stayed away from Miceli’s girlfriends because of the severe cocaine abuse.


Mangan was an unstable character.  At one time she had hooked up with Billy Exiner, who had been in charge of Dean Witter’s floor operations.  Exiner’s son had a mental crisis and was shattered.  Mangan wanted to marry Exiner.  Mangan purchased a diamond ring and showed it to floor members and said that the ring was an engagement ring from Exiner.  Exiner told Mangan that he did not give her the ring and would not marry her.


The FBI told me that Linda Fairstein had contacted the FBI and that Fairstein had attempted to discredit me.  In reality this was a conspiracy between Arthur Levitt and Robert Morgenthau to prevent a federal investigation of the American Stock Exchange for fear that it would destroy Wall Street.


Linda Fairstein was married to Justin Feldman, a prominent attorney and democrat power broker.  But Justin Feldman was a sex pervert, who had molested his legal secretaries.  One legal secretary sued him and it was reported.  His law firm settled.  But I was informed that he had sexually assaulted numerous legal secretaries and used Fairstein’s prominence as Bureau Chief of the Sex Crimes unit to intimidate his secretaries.  Fairstein actively covered up these crimes.


Even after I had appeared in BusinessWeek Fairstein refused to acknowledge that Mangan had lied to hr.  Fairstein knowingly and willingly protected Robert Van Caneghan, who confessed to members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange and to Alan “Ace” Greenberg, CEO of Bear Stearns, that he had sexually assaulted/raped his female employees, who were also employees of Bear Stearns.  Van Caneghan told his victims that Robert Morgenthau would never charge him with rape because of the political power of Arthur Levitt and the American Stock Exchange.




My Dispute With Gary Weiss, Who Disseminated Lies About Me


Unfortunately, afterwards Gary Weiss smeared my name because he had lied about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann. These murders involved the Russian Mob and members of the Board of the American Stock Exchange- including Joel Lovett, Vice Chairman of the Amex, and his son, Evan Lovett.


Weiss wished to obtain a book contract to write about the Italian Mafia. Weiss boasted to me that he could be bigger than “The Sopranos.”  Ergo, Weiss lied and attributed the murders of Chalem and Lehmann to the Italian Mafia when Weiss knew that the Russian Mob (Mike, Michael Vax) had ordered the murders of Chalem and Lehmann.  Furthermore, Feivel Gottlieb, who owned a seat on the American Stock Exchange and invested in the stock frauds of Maier Lehmann was a personal friend of Seymour Zucker, Weiss’ editor at Business Week.


In late 2000 I was informed by several reporters that Weiss had been lying about me.  I was therefore compelled to write to Vartan Gregorian, a member of the McGraw-Hill Board, that Gary Weiss had misappropriated funds by submitting false expense account vouchers.  Weiss dated women and charged the restaurant meals as expenses.  Weiss was not terminated because of his personal friendship with Stephen B Shepard, editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek.


In 2003 Weiss had forged letters of credentials for his wife Anjali Sharma so that she could obtain a desk at the United Nations.  In 2005 Weiss’ wife was escorted under armed guard from the United Nations.  (Letter of expulsion included.)


In June 2004 Weiss was terminated because he lied about me in the article, “Credence From The Crank,” Weiss had not obtained approval to write this article in the 2000 issue of the IRE Journal.    I discovered this article on the internet in June 2004 and notified BusinessWeek In this article Weiss lied and stated that I had not provided him with information concerning price fixing in options and illegal trading by specialists in the article, ‘Scandal On Wall Street.”  This was a lie.  Furthermore, Ken Vittor, General Counsel of McGraw-Hill, had reviewed all information in the 26 April 1999 BusinessWeek cover story, “Scandal On Wall Street.”  Vittor could not tolerate this lie.


In 2004 McGraw Hill’s General Counsel Ken Vittor even attempted to have me arrested by the NYPD because I had called Weiss on two occasions and had told him that I would sue him (Weiss) if he utilized my information for a book and because I said that Weiss “was dead meat.” Vittor lied to the NYPD and said that he did not know me and that I had made threats concerning an article.  I produced three articles, “Scandal On Wall Street” in which more than one page was devoted to me; “The Amex Is Starting To Feel The Heat” in which a letter I had written to Frank Zarb was reproduced: and, “A Street Scandal That May Not Die.”


I explained to the NYPD detective that BusinessWeek and Ken Vittor had covered for the Russian Mob and that Weiss had lied about me.  When the NYPD detective saw the articles, he grabbed me by the arm and told me that Vittor was demanding that I be arrested.  The NYPD detective told me to sue McGraw-Hill, Gary Weiss and Ken Vittor or they would have me arrested because of the power of McGraw-Hill.


I sued Weiss and McGraw-Hill.  Although I lost I was able to swear under oath that the federal government and the American Stock Exchange had engaged in a conspiracy to cover up narcotics smuggling, money laundering, rape and a Mafia stock fraud, PNF, because of the power of Arthur Levitt, former Chairman of the American Stock Exchange and at the time Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, had mushroomed into a massive financial crisis and the involvement of then Senator Hillary Clinton in the cover up.  Note:  This includes the collapse of Bear Stearns; the collapse and manipulation of the stock of AIG; and the murders of 1,400 American citizens by Jamaican drug gangs.


Gary Weiss committed perjury in Court and later boasted of his lies in his book.  I stated that Weiss was terminated in June 2004 from BusinessWeek.  Weiss swore, with the approval of Ken Vittor, that he had resigned on 31 July 2004.


Weiss even appeared on PBS in the first week of July 2004 and said that he had left BusinessWeek after 18 years.  In the first week of July 2004 Weiss had left a message on his answering machine that he had left BusinessWeek.


In his book Weiss related that he had left BusinessWeek in June 2004.  The attorneys, who represented Weiss said that Weiss had made an error in his book.  Weiss and his attorneys committed perjury.


In 2007 Weiss and some disreputable characters attacked me on internet postings because I knew that Weiss and his friends were attacking Overstock in an attempt to put the company out of business.  Due to my experience on Wall Street and via my contacts at the American stock exchange I knew that federal securities laws were being violated.  These individuals also made contact with Barry Minkow, a felon who had violated federal securities laws.  I quoted Jewish law to Weiss and his cohorts.  Weiss and his cohorts accused me of anti-Semitism, a charge Weiss knew to be false.  I wrote to the Anti-Defamation League.  In a letter, dated July 2, 2007.The Anti-Defamation League cleared me of anti-Semitism.





Linda Fairstein, in charge of the prosecution of the Central Park Five, refused to prosecute her husband Justin Feldman, a prominent attorney and Democrat fixer.


Feldman would hire women with large breasts to be his legal secretary.  Afterwards, he would grab the victim’s breasts.  He assured the women that he would never be arrested because his wife Linda Fairstein was a Bureau Chief in the Office of the New York County District Attorney.


Robert Morgenthau, New York County District Attorney, and Linda Fairstein made certain that Justin Feldman could molest women.


The law firm settled with the women.


Just as Morgenthau and Fairstein protected Robert Van Caneghan, a Wall Street millionaire and a confessed serial rapist, so too would Fairstein and Morgenthau protect Feldman.


After all, women without power and money can be raped- a New York City version of domestique du trossage- if I remember correctly.


Or in the case of the august Morgenthau and his henchmen:  droit de signeur




John Conyers is one of the most despicable individuals ever to have served in Congress.  His wife went to prison for bribery.


At the height of the financial crisis, was John Conyers interested in pulling America out of a financial crisis.




Conyers and the Congressional Black Caucus demanded that Goldman Sachs renegotiate at a favored rate a loan made out to Inner City Broadcasting, which was owned by Percy Sutton.


Percy Sutton became a multimillionaire by having his friends award him a cable franchise.


Percy Sutton lost everything because he was a financial hooligan and had to be bailed out by black congressmen, who placed Percy Sutton’s business failures before the welfare of the United States.


John Conyers, like his wife, is the reason why many disaffected whites voted for Donald Trump.




Edward Manfredonia

CERTIFIED MAIL Z 282 188 920                    8337 St. James Avenue

RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED                                      Apt. 4B

Elmhurst, New York 11373

21 July 1994



The Honorable Joanne Harris

Assistant Attorney General

Department of Justice

Constitution Avenue and Tenth Street, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20530



Dear Ms. Harris:



On 6 July 1994, I telephoned your office concerning my charge that perjury was committed by the representatives of the American Stock Exchange during the confirmation hearings of James Jones. I had mentioned to the individual to whom I had spoken that the Honorable Jesse Helms and the Honorable Alfonse D’Amato had referred my charges to the Department of Justice.  A telephone call was returned to me at my home (718) 457-8135.  I was not at home and a message was left on my answering machine.  This message stated that Mr. Joseph Yastremski, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been assigned to investigate my charge that perjury was committed before the Senate by the representatives of the American Stock Exchange during the confirmation hearings of James Jones as Ambassador to Mexico.  This message was also heard by my friend, Mr. Gerald McCormick.


Today, 21 July 1994, I was obliged to speak to Mr. Joseph Yastremski concerning developments at the American Stock Exchange.  When I mentioned to Mr. Yastremski that I had received a telephone call from an individual purporting to be you and that this individual had stated that Mr. Yastremski had been instructed to investigate my charge of perjury, Mr. Yastremski informed me that he had not been instructed to investigate my charge that perjury had been committed before the Senate.   Mr. Yastremski informed me that his only investigation involving the American Stock Exchange concerns PNF.  (I have provided Mr. Yastremski with information which I have obtained concerning an investigation into insider trading in Motel 6.  I do not know if Mr. Yastremski is the FBI agent who is investigating Motel 6.)


I am quite disturbed by this development.  It is quite embarrassing to me.  I have written to both Senator Helms and Senator D’Amato.  I have stated in my missives (enclosed) that an honorable and decent FBI agent was investigating my charge that perjury was committed before the Senate.  I must inform the Senators that I had received incorrect information.






I am quite dismayed by the treatment which I have received from the Department of Justice.  I have made several serious charges.

The first charge is that perjury was committed before the Senate to effect the confirmation of James Jones as Ambassador to Mexico.  I have stated that this crime of perjury was committed to protect Robert VanCaneghan an individual who had sexually assaulted/raped his clerks.


The second charge is that Arthur Levitt, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and a former Chairman of the American Stock Exchange, has conspired with the officers of the American Stock Exchange to obstruct any and all federal inquiries into criminal activity at the AMEX.


In my missive to you I have requested that you interview the Assistant United States Attorney who had interviewed me.  That individual is Ms. Fran Fragos and she is currently stationed in Washington.  I have also requested that you contact the FBI agent who had interviewed me and to whom I had provided information.  That individual is Mr. Joseph Yastremski.  I have requested that you interview both individuals so that you may verify the truth of my statements.  I do not know if you have spoken to either individual.


I desire that you understand one fact.  In every missive, especially those concerning James Jones and Arthur Levitt, I have provided considerable information to the Department of Justice. In each missive I have requested that the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigate my charges.  It is a rather simple act to verify my charges.  You, Ms. Harris, will learn that I am speaking the truth.  I have made my charges, especially those contained within the notarized statement, with the understanding that I could face prosecution if my charges are false.  Yet, you, Ms. Harris, have elected not to investigate my charges.


The American Stock Exchange has forced Robert VanCaneghan, the rapist, and Louis Miceli, the cocaine freak, to sell their specialist unit and to resign from the American Stock Exchange.  Both Louis Miceli and Robert VanCaneghan own seats on the AMEX.  Robert VanCaneghan owns twenty percent of the LETCO specialist unit (the equivalent of a limited partner).  VanCaneghan retained this percentage in his former specialist unit in the hope that the AMEX would continue to lie and protect him.  Not bad for a rapist.


Due to the misinformation which I have received from the Department of Justice, I would greatly appreciate if I could receive a written communication from you.  In this communication I wish to know if the Department of Justice shall investigate my charges that perjury had been committed before the Senate during the confirmation hearings of James Jones and that Arthur Levitt and his merry band of conspirators





at the SEC had conspired to obstruct a federal investigation by the FBI and that they had conspired to prevent any investigation into the AMEX by the SEC.


I wish to add a personal note to this case.  Life has not been very enjoyable for me.  My name has been smeared by the officers of the AMEX to the public governors of the AMEX.  These false and malicious statements are that Manfredonia had threatened to kill Joel Lovett, Louis Miceli, and Robert VanCaneghan; that Manfredonia had refused to pass through a metal detector; that Manfredonia had violently assaulted an individual on the floor of the AMEX; that Manfredonia had violently assaulted an individual outside the AMEX; etc.  I have been described as crazy.  When VanCaneghan and Miceli bribed the police to illegally harass me, VanCaneghan, a confessed rapist, stated that he was afraid that I would show up at the AMEX with an automatic weapon.  I have had my life threatened by Alan Umbria, a self-proclaimed Mafia associate and money launderer.  (Mr. Yastremski visited Alan Umbria.)  This is not fun.  Mr. Yastremski has informed me that he knows that these statements had been made to the Board of Governors of the AMEX and that he (Mr. Yastremski) knows that thee statements are false.


I have never initiated a conflict.  But please inform me what course of action I should pursue, when individuals at the AMEX have ruined my life and the Justice Department refuses to investigate crimes at the AMEX.  What course of action must I pursue?  I cannot afford an attorney.  The government refuses to prosecute criminals-and we are speaking of rapists, perjurers and money launderers.  What am I to do?  Please explain that to me.


I shall inform you of this-I believe that Robert VanCaneghan will rape, murder and mutilate someone close to revenge himself against me.  And I shall not permit that to occur.


Please send a written response.


Thank you.







Edward Manfredonia


Why The SEC Needs Investigation

If the Barack Obama Administration launched a website to invite whistleblowers to submit information, including documentation about the SEC’s transgressions, so much information would flow that the site would crash within a few hours.
By Edward Manfredonia
May 2nd, 2009

[Policing Wall Street]

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been investigating illegal short sales in stock and the manipulation of the media by short sellers.

Yet, the SEC itself needs careful investigation to expose how the SEC’s own several transgressions led us into the mess on Wall Street. If the Barack Obama Administration launched a website to invite whistleblowers to submit information, including documentation about the SEC’s coverups, so much information would flow that the site would crash within a few hours.

Some background: A short seller is someone who sells stock of a publicly traded corporation without actually owning the shares of the publicly traded company. Short selling of a stock has become a topic of importance since the collapse of Bear Stearns in March 2008; the harbinger of the current financial debacle.

Currently, the SEC has asked for comments regarding the short sale of stock and has a deadline of June 29, 2009 for comments. Yet, had the SEC always been diligent in its work, much of the problems we face today on Wall Street might have been prevented.

My background includes being a trader on Wall Street many years ago as most readers of my column know. In 1999, I collaborated with a reporter named Gary Weiss, as a major source, for an article “Scandal on Wall Street,” that appeared in the April issue of Business Week. Afterwards Weiss seemed blinded by the light. We later had a falling out over some not-factual reporting that he did; this is a topic for a different column.

While we were working on the 1999 article, in September 1998, we had frequent meetings in his office at Business Week. I was present on numerous occasions when Weiss received increasingly desperate sounding telephone call from a man named Manuel Asensio, a notorious short seller.

On several occasions when I was in Weiss’ office, he refused to answer the calls and I could hear Asensio screaming, “I need you to print that HEB article now.”

He wanted Business Week to publish his stock prognostication concerning Hemispherx Biopharma (AMEX symbol: HEB). Asensio had taken an extremely large short position in HEB.

Weiss and I had discussed Asensio’s short position. I told Weiss that it could appear that he was assisting Asensio in driving down the price of HEB if the article about Asensio’s negative prognostications ran. Asensio wanted to profit enormously from a decline in the stock price of HEB. Weiss stated that he intended to quote Asensio as stating that HEB had a target value of $0.

At this time I had given Weiss information that Joseph Giamanco Sr., whose firm GHM was the specialist in HEB, was illegally trading the stock of HEB in the accounts of his friends, which he controlled. I also told Weiss that the specialist was manipulating the price of HEB. This was a serious violation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

The article, “Why Hemispherx Could Take Sick,” appeared in the September 28, 1998 issue of Business Week. This article quoted Asensio as stating that Hemispherx had a value of $0.

The problem was that Asensio did not sell HEB stock when Business Week published Weiss’ article. Asensio had already sold stock short; that is, stock that he did not own. Asensio bought back his short stock. Simply put Asensio had used Weiss’ article to cause the price of HEB to fall, so that he could purchase in excess of 100,000 shares that he had sold; and thus earn a profit on his short sales.

Beginning in 2006 there were many voices crying out that short sales involved fraud. Evidence began to be presented that media personalities had assisted short sellers by publishing their verbatim words. Thus, media found themselves assisting short sellers; instead of being neutral in disputes.

On January 18, 2006 I wrote to Christopher Cox, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the SEC Commissioners including Cynthia Glassman concerning Weiss’ Business Week article and how it assisted Asensio.

Julie Riewe, an SEC staff attorney, for investigation wrote to me that Glassman had referred my letter for investigation. On February 8, 2006 I provided more detail to Riewe in an eight page letter.

Riewe then called me and informed me that Chairman Cox and the Commissioners had voted not to investigate the charges contained in my letter. She said Cox had ordered that my letter be placed in my file. Additionally, Riewe told me that the numerous letters I had sent about Wall Street malfeasance had simply been placed in my file.

I could totally relate to the recent disclosure about how Harry Markopolos’s several attempts to have Bernard Madoff’s scam exposed years ago were frustrated the SEC’s inaction.

So how can anyone be surprised that the United States is in this catastrophic financial debacle, for which Wall Street shares huge responsibility.

Whistleblowers and tipsters with credible and verifiable information regarding Wall Street malfeasance can send information to




I have known about Felix Sater for many years.


In 1998 I told Gary Weiss, an investigative reporter at BusinessWeek, that Felix Sater had laundered money for the Russian Mafiya while he was employed at Bear Stearns.  I informed Weiss that Bear Stearns had laundered money for the Italian Mafia for many years and in 1998 was laundering money for the Russian Mob.


I also informed Weiss that one method of laundering money was buying real estate under the cover of a Limited Liability Corporations- especially by Russian gangsters.


But Weiss and Stephen Shepherd always protected the Russian Mob.


Felix Sater has always cooperated when arrested.  If Sater is arrested this time, he will cooperate with the prosecutors.


President Donald Trump should be careful- it is Felix Sater, who will bury him.